Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans customized by Ritmo Sereno
There’s a select group of European motorcycles from the 1970s that have grown in reputation as time goes by. The BMW R-series is one, and Moto Guzzi’s Le Mans is another. Foibles and weaknesses pointed out by contemporary road tests are forgotten, and style and originality come to the fore. This modified Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans is a great example: it’s a Mark I, most likely from 1976, and the latest machine to be delivered to a Ritmo Sereno customer in Japan. Fewer than 6,000 Mark I Le Mans were made—so you could argue that they should be left original. But Ritmo’s update is subtle and stylish, and the light engine and heavier suspension mods will give the bike a useful performance edge. Undo a couple of bolts, and you can even swap the double seat for a cafe racer-style single.

  • Matt

    Now that is a beautiful Le Mans! I love the updated rear on that thing. I’ve got a 2004 California EV Touring and It’s such a great bike, almost every time I’m riding it I get the compliment or barrage of questions about it.

  • Andrew

    Don’t you have an 850 Chris? It needs to look more like this!

  • JS

    Interesting drilled head/cylinder fins. You can see this just under the left side valve cover!

  • JS, that is kinda equivalent to a frame slider. The protective bracket simply bolts onto the valve cover; but it is not a cooling fin. It is a nicely integrated touch here as well as on current models today

  • Phil

    Not sure i like it – mk1’s are pretty much as good as you can get out of the box. This just changes it, but not for the better IMO. The original rubber seat is a styling icon – this looks terrible.
    The lack of sidepanels looks unfinished, not stylish.
    3/10 must try harder.

  • Mingh

    guzzi lemans is such an iconic bike. Either you love it to bits, or you loathe it! Great that so many people here have a weak spot for this gorgeous tractor.
    Ritmo has done other guzzis that i liked better than this one, but it’s still very desireable.

  • alfredo

    ¡Qué hermosa máquina! Me recuerda a los prototipos de Honda (una sport 1000 y una cafe racer) que has publicado hace unos días.
    En otro orden, te paso un comentaqrio que sobre tu blog han hecho tus colegas de Moto22.

    Honda CB 750 por Tamiya a 1/6
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    14 de octubre de 2009


    En marzo de 1970 Honda participó oficialmente con su versión de carreras de la Honda CB 750 en la Dayona 200. Con un motor que daba 95 CV a 9500 rpm y una velocidad punta de 240 Km/h estableció la vuelta rápida del circuito en 164,3 Km/h. Acababa de nacer la categoría de Superbikes. Los competidores de Honda volvían a estar fuera de juego.

    Pero las fotos que veis no son de una moto de verdad, como ya descubristeis algunos en el post Bike Exif, un blog excepcional. Esta Honda CB 750 es una maqueta a escala 1/6 fabricada por Tamiya en una edición limitada.

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    3 ¡vota!

  • I dunno… Is that..? Umm… I think that’s the hottest Guzzi I’ve ever seen!

  • Claude

    Very nice cafe-racer