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Moto Guzzi Ambassador racer

Moto Guzzi Ambassador
We’ve got a bit of a thing for Moto Guzzi here, and this vintage racing motorcycle from Japan has got to be one of the best Guzzis in the world. We first noticed it in September but now owner Shiro Nakajima of Ritmo Sereno has released more pictures and information about his personal bike. The engine is running an increased compression ratio with polished and ported heads, Carrillo rods, titanium valves and a balanced crankshaft. Numerous smaller mods include a new oil filter system, an aluminum flywheel and a new steering bracket. Handling is taken care of by Öhlins suspension, with AP Racing brake calipers bringing the whole shebang to a stop. It’s hard to believe that this machine was originally a rusted-out wreck that Nakajima discovered “partially buried in the desert of Arizona”. Right now, if I had to pick one vintage motorcycle in the world to put in my garage, this Moto Guzzi would be it. Check out the Ritmo Sereno website for pictures and specs—plus videos of the bike in action.

  • mingh

    That’s just awesome. The guys at Ritmo seem to understand the Guzzi cool like no other. I’ve never suspected the ambassador to have this potential

  • kim scholer

    This is the nicest Ambassador I’ve seen for ages, down to and including the early engine block. Probably handles like shite, but with this much style, who cares?

  • The Muthafuckin EMD

    wow, thats one tasty loop frame! I just bruised my chin with my stiffie! Keep up the great work!

  • For a big lump of a bike the Ambassadors handled surprisingly well. Much better than most of Guzzi’s competitors of the time. This is an awesome version.

  • Tom in Boston

    What a truly awesome street bike. The funny thing is when it idles it doesn’t sound too different from a stock motor.

    Love the Ohlins setup


  • Jacquie

    Once upon time, I had a Ambassador it did not look any thing like that. I want one like that. It handles tight turning space a lot better than a Griso. I bet it handles a lot better than you might think

  • Bluey

    I like it.

    It just proves that under every motorcycle there is a racer hiding.

    I bet it handles better than my old Mk2 Le Mans did.