Moto Guzzi Le Mans Cafe Racer

Moto Guzzi Le Mans III cafe racer by Ritmo Sereno
Behold the latest custom from top Japanese outfit Ritmo Sereno: a stunning Le Mans III-based cafe racer. The ‘Norman Custom III (T-like)” is heavily modified, with extensive engine work and a complete repaint and powder-coat in traditional Moto Guzzi racing colors. New parts include the suspension, exhaust system, brakes, electrics and instrumentation. The bike was delivered to its new owner in Fukuoka two weeks ago, but you can track the building process on the blog of Ritmo CEO Siroh Nakajima. Google Translate is not much help with the words, but the images tell the story well—Ritmo is synonymous with shop craft of the highest order.

  • JR

    Beautiful bike!

    I’ve always wondered with the Guzzi’s … especially with rearsets … is there a risk of your knee riding up against the top of the engine and burning your pants?

  • aircooled5

    Makes me want to try out a Guzzi myself. Maybe I’ll swap out the R75 for one like this. Love the detail work.

  • Colin Cox

    do we know what year the Guzzi is !
    am looking at buying a 77 lemans Mk1
    looks the same

  • bob fursdon

    To JR. The rocker covers don’t get hot enough to burn, but beware of potholes,they can give you a fearsome crack in the knee! To Colin.This bike is a mk111 lemans ,the first sqaure barrel.If you do get hold of a mk1, or more correctly,an 850 lemans,keep it original as it is one of the greatest bikes ever made,and one of the most valuable.