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Moto Guzzi V1000 by Officine RossoPuro

Moto Guzzi V1000
For me, a new bike from Filippo Barbacane of Officine RossoPuro is An Event. And this latest Moto Guzzi custom doesn’t disappoint. Called ‘Idro’—Hydro, or water in English—it’s based on the V1000 Idroconvert, one of Moto Guzzi’s lesser-known motorcycles. The bike originally got its name from its automatic transmission (with hydraulic torque converter), and was sold in the second half of the 1970s as a tourer and police bike. Filippo’s cafe racer creation has been extensively overhauled, with a rebuilt engine and electrics, plus a custom Officine RossoPuro exhaust system. (So the power is probably better than the 71hp original spec.) The rear suspension is from Asatek, and those exquisite 18” wheels are genuine Borranis. There’s also a complete new Brembo braking system with 300mm discs at the front. The handlebars, instruments and bodywork are all custom Officine RossoPuro items, from the fenders to the tank to the seat unit. I’m sold—I can’t think of a single modern motorcycle I’d rather have than one of Filippo’s delicious old Guzzis.

Moto Guzzi V1000 Convert
Moto Guzzi V1000 Convert
Moto Guzzi V1000 Convert

  • cankle

    Bella. Love the taillight.

  • BryGuy

    Ok Chris, I have to hand it to you. Every time I think I don’t get a particular breed of speed horse, you come up with a bike that changes my mind. I don’t usually get the guzzi appeal. But this one is a gem.

  • mack-o-matik

    a real nice bike, love the straight line from the tank on to the rear fender. but that backlight sucks, it’s lost on this guzzi. beautyful graphics on the tank!

  • Having built no less than 3 “sporting” guzzi automatics, I can state, that driving them is a blast. Like riding a magic carpet…

  • ethan

    I have to say I think this bike is really boring. I don’t like the tank at all. Moto Guzzi’s have such interesting and distinctive tanks. This is just really blah to me. And the seat looks like it’s giving birth to that fender. The tail light is totally wrong too.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    I think it’s a beautiful bike, but for some reason the front tire looks bigger than the back. Maybe it’s just an optical illusion?

  • DNA

    +1 for boring.
    The real shame is I can see a gorgeous Guzzi trying to escape from underneath all that candy apple crap…

  • JWelsh

    Love the bike. Understand the comments on the tank, the paint, and the tail light/fender, but love the bike. Beautiful Guzzi (I’ll own one of my own down the line, to be sure). Looks like pure pleasure to ride and keep.

    Thanks for the build, the pics and the sharing. Delicious.


  • Paulo

    Beautiful Guzzi, I like the slightly smaller tank, there are a lot of “Davida Girl’ type Guzzi cafes around with a very similar profile (mine included) but this tank looks almost like a deus style peanut tank in proportion to that beautiful ballsy motor.
    The seat follows a nice line too and that toffee apple red is tasty, Yep not the biggest fan of the taillight but it’s not my build, and as mum always says if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.

    Love to know what those pipe/s sound like

  • Christian

    To Ethan and DNA ,
    your culture in terms of Guzzi are very little.
    The gas tank is an old Guzzi, customized, and for the colour the same thing.
    Read on his web site tech data before snipe at!!!
    This motorcycle is gorgeous!

  • cap’n

    A+. Love it. Clean, beautiful, low and long.

  • db

    i can see why people would like it but it’s not really for me.

    didn’t really get a tingle :(

    wonderfully finished though!

  • Wowza, that is just stunning!!! I love it, and am left amazed at its detractors. Still, different strokes for different folks I guess.

  • Ethan

    I don’t dislike the tank I just don’t see it as an improvement. I stand by my assertion that the tail light is completely wrong. It looks like a tumor growing out of the back of the bike and doesn’t follow and of the prescribed lines established by the rest of the body work.

  • Mark

    I think this bike it beautiful, and it’s starting getting my palms itchy for my own restoration project ;-)

  • F. Lombardo

    Jeez, what a bunch of bitchy bikers. Give the man credit for trying to do something whimsical with a wonderful, but slightly style-locked motorcycle. Moto Guzzi sportbikes could use some custom experimentation and there doesn’t have to be a consensus to prove that a design idea works or not. You people remind me of music critics who assume that if they don’t like something, then it must not be any good. Vive le difference!

  • rich


  • jp lamontagne

    nice look i have 2 convert i whill rebuilt my 81 in the same style and the 77 as original as possible