Gianmarco Magnani

Motorcycle art
Peruvian artist Gianmarco Magnani has just released a series of prints featuring vintage motorcycles, and they’re knockouts—a mix of retro motorcycle manual illustration, cutting-edge typography and inspired line drawings. (A key influence is Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s sketches of Kaneda’s motorcycle from the movie Akira). Magnani prints his work on premium 270 gm photo paper, in limited editions of ten copies each, and sized at 100 cm square. “At first the series was just called ‘Riders’”, says Magnani. “But I decided to give it a focus of rivalry between good and bad, with another side: ‘Villains’.” It’s refreshing to see bikes illustrated in a contemporary way: if you’re not a fan of ghastly nostalgic watercolors or motorcycle art influenced by WWII aircraft nosecone girls, Magnani is your man. Check out his stylish website—which is also a textbook example of understated design and color coordination. [Images copyright © Silence Television. All rights reserved. Via Le Container.]

Motorcycle art by Gianmarco Magnani of Silence Television
Motorcycle art by Gianmarco Magnani of Silence Television
Motorcycle art by Gianmarco Magnani of Silence Television
Motorcycle art by Gianmarco Magnani of Silence Television

  • Hele Vetica

    helvetica doesn’t = typography. even with semi-interesting letter s p acing.

    courier is the typeface of the future.

  • EX500A1

    Clean, tech-manual style illustrations are always welcome.

    But these are like seeing an interesting printed t-shirt…only then to notice “AMERICAN EAGLE 77” or “OLD NAVY” incorporated into an otherwise pleasing visual experince.

    Why the need to clutter the print with variations on a brand name or logo? I’m not buying a 3 foot by 3 foot print to for the “Autumn – Forgotten Monarchy” logo. Whatver that is anyway…

    Include a seperate business card with the print if you want to play pretend-trademarks.

  • Fantastic illustrations. I think I might enjoy them even more without the typographic treatments. Good stuff, though.

  • Carson

    This pretty much combines my two favorite things in the world: Graphic Design and Motorcycles.

  • anything that celebrates racing motorcycles is always welcome

  • I absolutely love this apart from the cheese as per EX500A1’s comment it’s like the River Island hoodies, I wish I had some money spare though!

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    Waitting for a regard.

  • Jim

    Trying as I might, can’t seem to find pricing and shipping info! aide?