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Coming Through Retriever

Coming Through Retriever motorcycle
The motorcycle world is full of oddities, but this is one of the strangest we’ve ever seen. It’s a Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing that’s been turned into a tow vehicle by the Swedish company Coming Through. The Retriever is fitted with a towing assembly that weighs only 165 kg, but it can haul up to 2.5 tonnes at a maximum speed of 30 kph (19 mph). Why a motorcycle rather than a truck? Because a motorcycle can weave through the traffic on jammed highways. Ingenious.

  • Moyug

    So, this bike is useful…

  • Shane

    Maybe the bike can weave through traffic, but the car it’s towing can’t! And imagine trying to bring it to a stop in the wet.

  • Not to mention it couldn’t get up to highway speed in order to weave through the traffic.

  • Charles

    The bike is meant to weave through traffic to get to the disabled vehicle quickly and get it out of the way. It is not meant to weave through traffic while towing a vehicle.

  • steve

    it couldn’t weave through traffic on the way there either – it would still have the trailer attached on the way there….
    logic fail.

  • Steve, you’re an idiot. The tow assembly folds; likely into that grey thing behind the cycle seat.

  • ddlee

    Come on guys?
    A quick google video search for “retriever towing” will yield video of this cool scooter in action.

  • Mort

    fake, fake, fake fake fake. Obvious photoshot, no one would be dumb enough to ride something that dumb.

  • Utter Doul

    Half of you are idiots!

  • Howard

    Interesting concept, but with limited appeal and obvious design issues:

    1. It would only be useful if the vehicle was in good enough shape to be towed using that type of towing (vs and accident where the vehicle would need a flatbed)

    2. I do not see how the byke would be safe if it was raining or towing up or down hill where the 2.5 tonne rating would be problematic as the brakes and tyres are not designed to stop that much weight

    Otherwise, I think it is a great idea if properly executed. I cannot count the number of times the traffic jam from a simple accident has been exaggerated by the tow truck being caught in the same traffic. The real value would be to move the vehicle to the side of the road and out of traffic at the least.

    If you search youtube for “towing motorcycle” it is the first link.

  • Euan

    This would be a great way to get all the cages of the roads!

  • Steve and Mort,
    This isn’t a new invention, the Retriever has been on the roads and towing in Japan and Europe for almost five years.

  • Vic

    This is great for speedier pick-up, but two problems: towers normally wait on the side of the road for business. Towers will need to back the car into a spot when they get to the repair shop. It will be extremely cold to wait on the side of the road during winter time, and how do you back up this tow with motorcycle?

  • Uncle B

    Best advert for the big Honda 6 cylinder motorcycle ever! You just don’t see Harley’s doing shiite like this, Awesome! If the Honda can do this on a regular basis, how long will it last under normal usage! Time to tell the corrupt American manufacturers the truth – We do not like Planned obsolescence, annual model changes and fancy styles – We do like durability longevity, quality builds that fit, repairability and usefulness! As any Toyota owner – Quality is not job #1 it is a constant obsession, expressed in plastic and steel! Even my goddamn Hyundai outruns my North American models two for one, and gets better mileage too!

  • Uncle B’s Sphincter

    Uncle B works for a Honda dealership. Everyone who rides knows a Harley is better than any rice burner, ever.

  • I would disagree with that last comment. If you’re a fan of contemporary Harleys, Mr Sphincter, you’re reading the wrong website. Stick to Cyril Huze’s blog.

  • Len

    OK, there is a chance that this contraption won’t eliminate world hunger and it might not even prevent global warming. But if a car is stalled and dead on the road and you’re in the 10 mile tail-back, you’d be happy to let this thing past so it can remove the cause of the traffic jam.

  • Akram Hafez

    I need to know more details about the pricing for that towing motorcycle, can someone help me with that ?