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Mr Martini M-Tripp

Mr Martini motorcycles
Idiosyncratic Italian builder Nicola Martini has a new custom to tease us with. The M-Tripp is based on the Triumph Thunderbird Sport, and looks usuable as an everyday bike.

The riding position looks comfortable, and there’s even a chromed grab-rail for a brave passenger. Upside-down forks and Brembo Gold brakes sharpen the handling, and the original swingarm is replaced by a stiffer item from the Speed Triple. A Dynojet kit and Supertrapp muffler give the engine an extra kick, but for us, the icing on the cake is that perfect flash of crimson on the valve covers.

Mr Martini motorcycles

  • Sen

    Looove the grooved tyres … and the whole bike. It’s not overdone, and looks like something I could actually buy/use.

    • Those tires are Dunlop racing wets, by the looks of it. But I haven’t seen that sidewall groove pattern before, well spotted. Maybe some of the racers here can shed some light on it?

  • Theodore

    I would reduce the size of the back fender. Other than that its gorgeous