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Münch Mammut 1200 TTS

Münch Mammut 1200 TTS
Münch is one of the rarest names in motorcycling, with less than 250 bikes ever made. It was the 1960s brainchild of German engineer Friedl Münch; believing that bigger was better, he fitted his bikes with 1.0 and then 1.2 liter NSU car engines. Everything about the ‘mammoth’ was excessive, from its performance (225 km/h) to its weight (340 kg). A 1969 Münch 1200 TTS with custom paint by Von Dutch sold for $46,000 a few years ago, and last October, another Mammut sold for $57,240 at the MidAmerica auction. A resurgence of the Münch name in 2003 with a turbocharged US$80,000 ‘Mammut 2000‘ was unfortunately short-lived. A shame, because these extraordinary machines had character by the bucketload. The bike above is owned by Perry Bushong, and there are more pictures on Flickr.