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MV Agusta F3

MV Agusta F3
Is this the most beautiful production motorcycle you can buy today? At the EICMA exhibition in Milan, the MV Agusta F3 has just won the poll to find ‘The Most Beautiful Bike of the Show’. More than 12,000 votes were cast, and the F3 captured 39%—nearly twice that of the next entrant. Visually, it’s a delight: a light and compact bike, with an unusually short and narrow three-cylinder 675cc engine. The exhaust system finishes with a distinctive triple pipe exit on one side; suspension is taken care of with fully adjustable Marzocchi forks at the front and a Sachs shock at the back. Brake calipers and discs are by Brembo, activated by a Nissin master cylinder. MV Agusta reckons the F3 is a “beautiful and technologically advanced middleweight supersports motorcycle that clearly marks the beginning of a new era.” On the evidence of these images, I’m inclined to believe them. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. [Thanks Tom Stewart.]

MV Agusta F3
MV Agusta F3
MV Agusta F3
MV Agusta F3
MV Agusta F3

  • Ethan

    I really like it. Not sure about the curve on the exhaust but maybe it looks better in person. I love smaller bikes, we need more of them.

  • el vencejo

    Beautiful sports bike … wonder what a naked one would look like :)

  • T

    Amazing!!! Love the triple!!!!!

  • John

    The wheels alone are worth the price of admission.

  • They really didn’t do much to it, mostly changed where the pipes are.
    The front is basically the same bike they’ve been peddling for 10 years.

  • J Anthony Carter

    W A N T….

  • Mule

    I haven’t come to terms yet with the geometric pattern styled body work. I always liked the Italian machinery because they didn’t do that. Now they’ve fallen in line with the rest of the manufacturers. It must be super cheap and easier to tool up for than complex curves. Italy, please go back to the tradition of trend-setting, world beating, heart stopping bodywork!

    But what I see of the bike inderneith looks pretty nice.

  • iRivas

    Cool bike, but the MV Agusta F4 Ago is still the best bike they’ve ever produced.

  • Neal Siegel

    The F4 may well be there”best” bike;but not everyone needs/wants/can handle a full bore litre sports bike. This bike fills an important niche and is much more attractive(IMO) than the competition.

  • Tinman

    Put a Yamaha badge on this plastic stinkbug and no one would look twice at it. Triumph has a more unique style on its 675. Some folks still drool over overpriced Italian exotics like Ferrari and Lambo even though a new Vette out performs them at half the price. Go figure.

  • Neal S

    Well Tinman we all have our own opinion. I like the Triumph, but I feel this bike is much more aesthetically pleasing (at least to my eye). If however the Triumph out performs the F3 at a lower price, I would give it the nod. I predict the MV will handle better—with absolutely no data to back it up!–and to me the handling is more important in this class than engine performance. Remember, individual opinions as to what “out perform” means can differ also. Can’t wait for comparison testimg of the two.

  • Not to mention that the Lambo is not italian anymore, it’s german and corvettes are made of plastic nowadays and they can’t turn without falling off a cliff.

  • Aerion

    The front cowl reminds of an alien cyclops whose nose has merged into cheek dimples and the upper lip, accenting a mouth that is curling down at the edges in a permanent pout. Will it start to drool? Maybe that is a bit harsh, but it doesn’t appeal to me.

    The swing arm and rear wheel are works of art. The side cowls and belly pan look good, certainly with cleaner lines than many recent designs, but there is a little too much silver at the expense of red.

  • as someone who doesn’t like sport bikes much mv’s always stop me in my tracks when I see one parked on the street. not nuts about the colour palette on this bike but a good looking bike nonetheless

  • KIK


  • Ben

    Meh. Too fussy. All those angles on the cast work and those exhausts are just affectation, style over brutal get up n go. Posers bike, not a street racer.

  • Agree with Ben on this, especially about the silly and fussy angular treatment of frame parts and bodywork. Makes it look cheap. And doesn’t it look quite a lot like a Triumph ? Decent overall balance though.

  • Denis

    Stunning design and workmanship as one would expect from MV Agusta- Italian design exemplified. To me, that’s primarily what this bike is about. MV does not currently have the race creds it once did and yet this is a magnificent design exercise. They grab you if you have a soul!


  • Walter

    It looks like a bike drawn by a computer and belongs in a Transformer movie.
    When I studied Industrial Design ( as a mature age student ) this is what all the 17 year olds would draw
    Having first seen Falcon motorcycles on this website I doubt they will ever be bettered

  • As a “garage” custom bike builder myself, before I read the articles, I always look to see what someone has created. Jealosy aside, remembering I’m just a grease monkey assembling bikes from junk parts, I thought to myself, “one of the most intriguing and stunning production motorcycles I’ve seen lately. After reading I guess I’m not the only one gawking.

  • Darmah Bum

    Fantastico -motociclo – molto bello !

  • Gotta agree with troygalluzzi.
    *YAWN* – the Pipes look hot – but the rest is the same old dribble they’ve been pumping out for years.
    MV, its time to get a new stylist.

  • Mule

    This bike is sportin’ another design trend I’m not fond of. The stacked body work look. Lots of small panels interlocked to make bigger panels, but lots of effort to make it look like lots of pieces instead of one flowing peice. Sorta like smooth legos.

  • Thiago

    I agree with others. This is the same design MV has been milking for the last decade. There’s no question that it’s a beatiful bike but it’s getting old now. With their accounts fully paid by HD I would think MV can now move on to a newer design.

  • Aerion

    I agree the swing arm pivot plates have too many angles, visual complexity for the sake of complexity. The swing arm still looks really good to me, with clean lines, integrated chain holes, discrete chain guards, and nicely triangulated.

    The integrated mirrors and signals look good, but what would it cost to replace one after a tip over: $300, $400, $500?

    I’m still waiting to see sports bike manufacturers incorporate discrete but integrated crash bungs into their cowl designs. Not something that looks like it was cast from a beer can, and not something that looks like the Honda ST1300’s massive aero-blisters. That would really decrease their revenues on cowl parts sales.

  • NoH2Oh

    Best $$$$ HD ever spent (besides Buell -RIP-of course)…..

  • Love those pipes but still prefer a brutale

  • WRXr

    Nice looking bike but I think the exhaust treatment is a bit odd.

  • Andrew

    Compared to what, I ask. So I went to the show’s webpages and looked around. Considering it was in Milan and assuming the majority of the visitors attending were Italian, I can see how a design from their boutique brand won by a landslide. But I suspect, like someone else said, if badged YamHonSuzKaw, it would not have been voted “most” at this show.

    Considering all the other brands of production bikes in the world are taking on the origami creases to develop their lines and this design has softened them (maybe because its dated) then maybe I can agree it’s the “most”. I favor the organic lines that my biological eye seeks out about every 30 seconds of the day. I first look at the curves of the models sitting on the bikes, then move down to the bike …broken shards of light reflected off all those angular folds…arrrg …back up to the curves… ahhh. I will always pick organic lines over tight creases any day. Now, what is that bike? I can’t seem to find it.

  • Was lucky enough to see it at EICMA,

  • William

    Beautifull bike, but why do they insist on painting the wheels and frame that hideous bronze/gold color?

  • Tinman

    Troy Gallozzi, Styling may be subjective, you like MV and thats fine, but performance is not subjective. The Corvette has always been Fiberglass, you can check the Tests in any mainstream magazine, you will find the Vette can out handle and perform at Supercar levals for a price point one half or less than its compition. Yes a Ferrari is pretty, but, that is subjective, A Lambo has never been pretty, but is Tuff looking. If I was to win the Lottery a Ferrari would be a nice toy, but a Vette is within reach of most working people if they want to work for it, an Italian exotic is not.

  • My personal opinion in one word: boring!
    MV Agusta design has remained almost unchanged for now more than 10 years and, in any event, has never corresponded to my personal taste…

    Greetings from France.

  • Mule

    The side view of the bike has 2 eye sores the more I look at it. The clutch cover looks like a Pep boy’s, simulated, race style, almost billet look, glue-on plastic afterthought. The pipes look like a “Rack of Lamb” with the bones sticking out.Yuk to both!

  • Homb

    Looks like a sport bike to me, wouldn’t give it a second look on the street.

  • Tinman: First of all, learn to spell.
    If you want to measure price compared to horsepower as success go for it. Personally I think the CTS is a better car, mostly because it’s germans who engineered it and it works better than most american cars.
    Thirdly, I don’t like MV, I never said I did; I used to like the serie Oro when it was first introduced.But MV vomited a bunch of tiny variations over the years in limited numbers to justify the ridiculous pricetag.
    Fourth, Lamborghini Miura was one of the prettiest cars ever made, so much so that there was a lot of copying of that car. So don’t say that lambos have never been pretty. Also I never gave two shits about newer ferraris.

    Bottom line: don’t make blanket statements.

  • Greybeard

    The front of the fairing reminds me of the Gilera 125 CX, a design way ahead of it’s time.
    Now I like to see the workings not the streamlining.
    Where do I have to go in such a hurry I need a fairing?

  • Joe Bagadonuts

    What a beautiful bike! Unfortunately, the MV dealer near to me has closed ( they also carried Benelli, MotoGuzzi and Aprilia, gonna miss that shop!) and I won’t be able to fondle one in person. It’s great to see the triple format catching on, a great ratio of torque to scream.

  • Tinman

    Tonygaluzi, Blanket this, Your the one who said a Vette would fall off a cliff in a corner. Just because you use spell check, while Im in the garage building bikes does not make your input superior. Only on the Internet can a typist look like a Hero, Come on out to the real world someday.

  • ran

    Mule and others – “the geometric pattern style” is not to save time or money in tooling as you suggested, but to fit in with contemporary design trends (which you hinted at). Complex curves and smooth styling were cool in the 90’s and angles were cool in the 80’s it’s just fashion. Designers for big companies cannot stray too far from the trend because the majority of the market do not want to buy something that is too different. Sad but true.

    I like this bike, especially the pipes, but agree that it is too visually complex.

    Is it as beautiful as a Desmosedici RR? Not to me…

  • Dave Kent

    Hey, what’s up with turning off the comments on the Ural Article? It says there’s a winch on the bike, but I couldn’t find her. Usually they’re draped seductively over the tank. Unless she’s really small and curled up in the sidecar, I can’t find her anywhere.

  • prich

    At the heart of this, the bike is beautiful. If one was to take off that factory fairing and slap on a set of purposeful racing fairings, it would be the most amazing thing on two wheels…..

    I think i’m that man!

  • Raúl Vicente

    Beautiful! But the kind of cash needed to buy and maintain such a ride is beyound my purpose in life :) I’d much prefer to quit my job and journey around the world on my SV with all those euros. Only for the rich.