MV Agusta Grand Prix Replica

MV Agusta Grand Prix
Specials don’t come any more special than this lovely MV Agusta. And it has an immaculate pedigree, too—it was built by Primo Felotti, the stylist and bodywork fabricator employed by MV Agusta from the 1950s onwards. The bike is based on a 1977 Ipotesi, a 350cc model designed to bridge the gap between the Varese company’s racers and street bikes. There’s an interesting story behind this replica: at an MV Agusta Revival at Cascina Costa, a fan of the marque noticed a couple of styling exercises created by Felotti to celebrate the 70s works bikes. The following year, the man visited a restoration workshop that had an Ipotesi for sale—with just 5,000km on the clock. So he bought the Ipotesi and commissioned Felotti to build a replica around it. The buyer wanted a bike that looked as much as possible like a Grand Prix Four, with two-into-four curved exhausts and a similar seat and petrol tank design. The body was fabricated entirely by hand, in aluminum; after all these years, Felotti hasn’t lost his touch. The bike is also fully road legal, with a headlight hidden behind a panel on the fairing, and exhausts with baffles that can be removed. Today, this machine has a new owner and lives in Australia: next time I visit Melbourne, I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

Images courtesy of photographer Phil Aynsley. Phil’s book Ducati: A Photographic Tribute, with a foreword by Troy Bayliss, is available from Amazon.

MV Agusta Grand Prix
MV Agusta Grand Prix
MV Agusta Grand Prix
MV Agusta Grand Prix

  • Yup, I would ride that.

  • DS

    Much of this bike is an example of the individual parts complimenting the whole design, which is very appealing. Examples: the tank & pipes have very subtle styling and do not stand out on their own, shouting “look at me!”

  • BoxerFanatic

    That is pretty hot.

    I wonder if anyone could replicate those wheel designs in a modern forged aluminum wheel in modern sportbike sizes. There are some that are close, but those wheels look great, with 6 main spokes, each 3 way split, that meet each other at equidistant points on the rim. I might like these even better than BMW “Snowflakes.”

  • Mule

    I would love to take this bike to redline in say 4th or 5th gear as I blast by the Denny’s where the police all eat breakfast at 4:00am. You think this thing would be loud??

    • GeoKan

      I think that some donuts will fall to the ground, hahahaha !!!
      I would love to see their faces afterwards,hahahaha !!!!

  • Micah

    Loud? Its Jukebox meets Motorcycle, I’m sure. Music!

  • AC

    so red…so nice.

  • Rhohmann

    Certainly one of my Fav’s of all time…

  • iRivas

    God, this is what motorcycles are all about. MV Agusta has always been my favorite bike manufacturer. Nothing but the best. This bike is awesome. That pic from the rear makes me want to mount this machine and go bye bye to the world.

  • Oh, bestill my heart. Simply beautiful.

  • Gorgeous, great design never dies.

  • You don’t get any more of an accurate tribute bike than that!

    Funny thing, I did a double-take when I saw the title of this entry… there’s another MV replica in the current “Classic Bike Guide” magazine (issue 236), also red. That one is a replica of a Magni-built MV, but based on a Suzuki GS550E. It’s a home-built, and a surprisingly good facsimile.

  • Peter B

    Utterly gorgeous…. but was the 350 not a twin? Two pipes into four….? Not sure how that would work for the (very necessary) police flypast….

  • Lancehouston

    “Passion in styling “, from the bend in the megaphones to the mag rims, down to the dam
    M.V. logo itself . Those Italians have that “Passion ” in spades!!

  • K1W1

    A wet dream on wheels

  • Justin

    Simply astounding. Great decisions in keeping the bike appearing like a track bike with the street legal parts integrated like that. Truly a remarkable bike, would have some real character as a runner I am sure.

  • elven

    Looks VERY pretty, but must be embarassing on the road with barely 30bhp.

    • JSM

      Hi Guys,
      I am the owner of the 350 Felotti and just thought I should clarify a couple of things; first up, thanks for all the positive comments!; whilst Primo did all the body work, Romano Colombo supervised the engine rebuild with some performance modifications therefore, the bike is quite “quick”, certainly faster than standard and in particular, with the baffles removed! I use it mainly for demonstration laps and its suited more so to circuits like Broadford and Winton. Primo is now in his mid 80s and is having some problems with his eyes and its unlikely he will be able to produce another rep, there are less than 5 that have been built and mine is a one off with regards to the attention to detail. It has also been signed by Read and Agostini! I will try and post some on track pictures for you.

  • Saginwadan

    Nothing would be embarrassing with this beauty…you don’t have to have 100+ bph to be a man.

    • elven

      Such a flash machine, but no go. 30bhp hasn’t lit my fire since I was 17 years old.
      It has well beautifully crafted bodywork on top of the stock bike, but it’s still a low powered twin tricked out as a 350/500cc 4-cylinder Race Rep that can be outpaced by any average commuter bike.

      • Well…

        1) That’s a pretty light bike. It might not do 150mph, but I bet it goes.

        2) Do you really think this high-end custom bike is ever really getting thrashed? If a guy can afford to have this kind of bike built, he can afford to put it on display while he goes out and plays with his Thruxton or CBR.

        • elven

          Only 30 horses and not so light; its a bit like dressing a CB250 dream as a classic 500/6. Apart from the fairing, tank, seat and 2 into 4 exhaust, the rest is stock Ipotesi, worth about 4500UK quids with a good return on parts left to sell on. The only High End Custom parts are the aluminium panels.

          • It’s a hand-fabricated aluminum body on an original 5,000km bike built by the MV factory stylist, replicating a rare factory prototype. £4500? Really? Let’s see you replicate this bike for 4X that amount. I expect you won’t be able to, as the sound of Felotti and an entire workshop full of people laughing will stop all work anywhere you go.

            Seriously, go build a bike to even half this caliber, save your receipts, and then we can review your position on “worth”.

          • elven

            Please read. The original bike probably cost no more than 4500GB pounds, check out the UK and European ads. Inevitably they are kept in good order. All the unused parts would bring decent cash. As I said, its the aluminium and the silly 2:4 exhaust that are “High end custom”.
            I just don’t get why such a superb replica job should be done on an underpowered 350cc twin cylinder roadbike.

          • @ elven: I doubt the original bike at such a low mileage was that cheap. Whenever a “preserved” bike pops up, it usually fetches 3X or more what a regular mileage bike would, especially that old.

            Why should such a superb replica job be done on a low-power bike? Because a) a fun bike isn’t always about the power, and b) a superb replica is often little more than a dramatically-lit centerpiece in a collection, used at most for parade laps. I seriously doubt the owner of this bike didn’t consider what he was doing before commissioning the work – give the guy a little credit, huh?

          • Mule

            I have to say that I would be the first one to criticize if somebody built a bike in a style I don’t care for that also didn’t perform well. That said, this bike gets a “Get out of jail free card” from me becuase it looks so bitchin’. It has a great personality. Having not ridden it, I’d like to think that even though it’s not a super macho penis extender, it’s probably cool as hell to ride. Not that it’ll get ridden much. I’ve ridden bikes with upwards of 200HP and they are not the most fun by any means.

            So I’m gonna remember all this and what this bike looks like the next time I want to criticize a style I don’t like becuase it doesn’t make power.

          • Mule

            Oh yea. I have a CD of the 60-something Isle of Man racing and there’s a Honda 305 twin racing that does 140mph! Don’t know what the HP rating was, but I doubt it’s much better than this MV.

          • elven

            Yes it looks beautiful, but the original bike was 330lbs, 34bhp and capable of 106mph. MV even offerred a factory-fitted 400cc conversion to give the thing a bit more go.
            The motor itself was largely a cosmetic remake of their old 350S. To use an old english expression “its all mouth and no trousers”.

            My fun bike at the moment only has 40bhp, but weighs less than 300lbs. The power/weight ratio on the MV is bad.

      • elven

        Its a bit of “a sheep in wolf’s clothing”, I prefer them the other way round, Go rather than Show.

  • nice with the kimtab snowflakes

  • Rick

    Does anyone know what those indicator lights are. I’m considering a full fairing a seat like this and haven’t seen anything that low key before.

    • elven

      They look like car side repeater indicators.

    • Try ebay item number 370245309824.

  • Thanks BIKE EXIF for this wonderful article. I am owning one of the very few Felotti build MV Agusta Ipotesi too. And i can tell you, the sound is incredible, even with the baffles installed. For pictures take a look at

  • Jmclean

    Hi Klaus,good to hear from you and hope you are still enjoying your Felotti!