Naked Vespa

Vespa metal chassis
It’s not just style and pedigree that sets the Vespa apart from other scooters: its chassis is metal, giving it superior torsional strength and physical stability. And if you strip the mechanicals from the frame, you’re left with an object that has a timeless, almost sculptural quality. I sold my Vespa three days ago, and I’m missing it already. But there’s only room for one two-wheeler in the Bike EXIF garage, and at least that one (a Moto Guzzi) is also made by a Piaggio-owned company.

  • Lumpycam

    I test rode many scooters before getting a LX50. That Vespa steel unibody construction makes a world of difference for stability and handling. Nothing compares. And beautiful too.

  • dejean

    something wrong in your priorities Mister BikeExif Sir:
    Don’t switch bikes. Switch garages.

  • alex

    Which Guzzi?

    • Chris Hunter

      A V7 Classic, details on the About page.