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NE Apartments, Tokyo

Apartment for motorcycle riders, TokyoIn advertising, it’s called a Unique Selling Proposition: this Toyko apartment block is expressly designed for motorcycle owners. Each unit has a built-in garage, and the block is in a U-shaped design. Residents ride their bikes down a communal driveway into the center of the complex. The eight-unit NE Apartments building was designed by three architects working in collaboration: Yuji Nakae, Hirofumi Ohno and Akiyoshi Takagi, whose website has a stunning portfolio of images. If I ever move to Tokyo, this is where I’m living.

  • Scarcat

    Note: Tokyo housing prices are insane. If you were to buy this apartment, it would probably cost you between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 and that would not include the property.

  • poot-e-a

    Ah, must reflect why it takes some much energy for one to come up with the money for a place like that, that one is bankrupt for ideas on obtaining a scoot.

  • Phoebe

    Oh man, that’s awesome!

  • SamG

    Very stylish. I wouldn’t be keen on living in it though. For one simple reason. What do you do when you want to sleep in and your neighbours all leave for work?

    • A good point Sam … hopefully the architects considered the soundproofing very carefully.

  • aoelus

    Only in Japan! What an imaginative project.