Nonobject Nucleus

Nonobject NucleusOne of the most radical departures from conventional motorcycle design thinking comes from Palo Alto company Nonobject. At first glance, the Nucleus motorbike looks boxy and hardly aerodynamic. But the outer panels are designed to cut through the air like a blade. They can also be changed out easily to create a different look for the bike. Nonobject pitches the Nucleus as a tough, stylish and urban machine: I would just ask, is it rideable?

Nonobject Nucleus

  • Mike

    Interesting and certainly very different from what I’d expect. For me, it looks too architectural and crude. I might have been swayed if something more interesting was done with the handlebars and levers instead of them just sticking out and being ‘normal’. I prefer to ride something that looks fast and sexy. This just looks like a stainless steel cover for a real bike.

    I don’t think it would cut through the air like a blade — instead I think it would trap air inside which is not something you want. Ergonomically I would miss the typical gas tank that has indents to allow your thighs to grip and I think I would become bow-legged from riding this.

    Interesting concept though, might be more interested if it looked ‘faster’

  • Dan

    As Mike said it does look like a cover for an existing bike, but that’s exactly how I’ve wanted to see it interpreted since this concept first emerged: get something inherently hideous (eg Jelly GSXF) and build a similar cover. There are elements of it in the front end design of Marcus’s V1000 (

    BTW congrats on the Coolhunter and Core coverage.

  • jim

    I think there should be a rule for designing motorcycles. If you don’t ride, don’t bother.

  • stewart

    Fantastic. Inspirational. This has taken me WAY outside!!!

  • mariana

    this is f… ugly!

  • Rick Thompson

    Ride then design. I see no understanding of aerodynamics here, go straight, turn and fall over.

  • Is this what happens when all the guys at Microsoft quit their jobs, take acid and become bike builders? Geezzzz!

  • Jari

    This bike is unrideable. Anyone remember (oldtimers?) the big fairings catching sidewinds and blowing you (fatally) off the road? Whoever designed this have never ridden a bike in real life. It is a huge sail, first lorry you meet will puff you into the ditch.