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Norton Atlas bobber

Norton Atlas bobber custom motorcycle by Machine of Australia
The Norton Atlas tends to get overshadowed by the Commando, which superseded it in 1968. Which is somewhat unfortunate: the Atlas had sweet handling, courtesy of a featherbed frame and Roadholder forks, and its 750 cc parallel twin had ample grunt. (It was far more than “a 500 carrying oversize pots and carburetors”, as some claimed.) The Atlas in the picture, however, has been modified a little—as you may have guessed. It was created by Matt from Machine, a small custom workshop in the old Australian gold rush town of Braidwood. Matt’s onto a good thing, with a small but perfectly formed portfolio of tasteful customs, including a 1948 Panhead and a 1926 Norton Model 18 race bike. [Via the French blog Southsiders M.C., of all places—Matt’s garage is just three hours away from where I’m writing this.]

  • JS

    Interesting headlight treatment. Wonder how it is wired? From the inside of the girder fork or is it running of a bicycle type hub dynamo? I doubt the latter?

  • Guy

    Probably my favourite Norton custom ever. It just sits… right.

  • george millwood

    That’s not a featherbed frame! Featherbed were twin loop frames.

  • sweetness! dd

  • You don’t see Norton bobbers very often … most people would opt to keep the bike original.

    I really like the placement of the headlight, although it’s probably not very functional. Matt’s also building a very tidy XS650 street tracker at the moment which should look a treat when it’s finished. Check it out on his blog.

  • Dan

    I recently bought a gas cap at a yard sale that says Atlas on it. It was at a very old estate sale. Is this from an atlas car, truck, scooter? Bought it on a whim thinking it might be worth more than I paid for it. Thanks for the advice.