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Norton Commando 961 SE

Norton Commando 961
Norton has revealed a few more details of the long-awaited Commando 961, and an image from a shoot held four months ago. Production is now scheduled for the end of September 2009, and Norton will be making only 200 of this model. (Yes, SE means ‘Special Edition’.) As MCN reported ten days ago, the price is set at £15,995 ($26,500) and a deposit of 10% is required to secure a bike. So it looks like the vision of American Kenny Dreer is nearing fruition—although his Norton 952 is now the 961, and we’re left with the niggling feeling that this new bike is a missed opportunity on the design front. It’s not retro and it’s not innovative, so it’s relying on the name. Given the price, is that illustrious badge enough to guarantee success—when you can buy a heart-stoppingly beautiful retro replica from the likes of Colorado Norton Works?

  • Alexander

    Stylistically speaking this bike blows doors on the Sport Classic & Thruxton. Performance wise TBD. I am a second gen commando owner and as much as I would like to break bread for the latest and greatest, 26 large is a mighty tall order. Especially if they wont throw in the spoked rims.

    Less carbon fiber, more affordability and we got a deal.

  • dejean

    Hmmz, looks like someone tried to make a fazer look like a Norton. I’d much rather get a Thruxton instead, or indeed, just the real deal.

  • SMN

    You can buy a REALLY amazing one here too.

  • Marc

    I love the stance and proportions, but they really missed out in the 2nd and 3rd reads. The gap b/w frame and electronics (I’m assuming below the seat) is really awkward, and the gold fork lowers are overpowering.

  • chris

    Marc says it all, not 4 me

  • SteveB

    Gents, I have owed my MKIII since 1976 and everywhere I go, I get the envy eye among the more recent motorcycle enthusiast group. My shined Norton 850 pushes new “Harleys”, “Ducs” and “Beemers” right out of the spot light. The 961 looks like a great ride, especially for the buck….but get rid of the “gold” on the shocks, brakes and forks! Too Jappy or too Italian, lets get Norton back to stand out among the rest as the great British Bike it is and singular looks to go with it. Steve

  • Ronald Lindsay

    Where can I get more information on the new Norton Commando SE 961? Dealers? Price? Website?

  • tedmen

    Looks like a Japanese sports bike, Fazer? Doesn’t look like a Brit bike let alone a Norton. Design FAIL. Keep the engine and start over, it should look similar in style to a Bonnie Thruxton. The engine looks fabulous, the rest of the bike blows big time.