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NSU Bison 2000

NSU motorcycle
This is the world’s largest single-cylinder two-wheeler. It was built by a gentleman called Fritz Langer, and it’s based on an NSU Konsul 500. I suspect that Fritz is one wave short of a shipwreck, but there’s no denying the balls-out engineering that has gone into this machine. Fritz replaced the original cylinder and piston with a 122 ci unit from a radial aeroplane engine, but that piston weighed 3.3 kg—over 7 lbs. So Fritz got Mahle to make up a lightweight piston of just 1.6 kg. After the engine block was widened and the crank milled, Fritz was ready to roll. (He must have strong legs, because this baby is a kickstart.) The stainless steel exhaust system, incidentally, is 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter, and there’s no silencer. So it’ll be enough to put even a Screamin’ Eagle-equipped Harley to shame. [Thanks to Glenn Edley of Car137. Translated from the NSU Cars site.]

NSU motorcycle

  • And this is what it looks like when this beast it firing flames out of the exhaust. :)

  • WillyP

    wtf for this one!

  • Wow… that thing looks like it blasted straight from hell.

  • Yay

    Any videos?

  • Raketemensch

    That’s 2000cc, yes?

  • Raketemensch

    Duh, it says that right on the tank… So much for my fancy conversion :]

  • rana

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to ride that thing!!!!!!!!

  • Senned
  • WOW! I’d sure love to see a video clip of him starting that beast!

  • Senned
  • “one wave short of a shipwreck” – Brilliant! Amazing bike.

  • OMG

  • themark

    Chances of ever fathering a child after having your gourds shaken into jelly by this thing = 0

  • WRXr

    Seen this before but still loving it! OHC no less!! Note the massive front down tube.

  • Peter

    God god. A two liter cylinder from a radial airplane engine and nothing but drum brakes to slow it down. I would be adding a parachute to that beast. Beautiful looks/engineering, though. If you’re crazy enough to ride it!

  • why do i get the feeling that my insides would turn to jello riding that thing?! haha

  • Love this thing! I second the request for a video, a Google search didn’t turn anything up.

  • I love motorcycles, especially special custom bikes, and I’ve seen many but this is one of the most original and intriguing motorcycles I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop staring at it because it is so uniquely original – Having many elements of 1000″s of other unique and noteworthy builds but ultimately, a real singular two wheeled machine. I would LOVE to see this bike and person and would gladly pay money to ride it. Thank you for this!!

  • Mark

    Cool I love the madness. Want to hear it run. Don’t fancy the kickback off it though with that kick start!

  • mingh

    How< wildis this! With a smaller tank it would even look more evil. But this is just ass kickin. Literally.


    link above from alexendar looks to have side car racer but on further examination it seems I was mistaken; that side car actually houses the full time factory fire suppression equipment. Sweet, I think I might try mounting a GE 747-700 turbine in the stripped-down Goldwing frame rusting in the backyard – and install a similar system.

  • bronko
  • And there we have it, a real mans machine! No nambie pambie electric starters or the like! Just stomp the beast into life and then hang on for your life!

  • Jimmy

    They need to make another Mad Max film just so this thing can rule it.

  • The Ogre

    Actually, a builder named Claus Mees built a three liter single:

    Sadly, it’s ugly as sin – bike above is much more interesting, I think.

  • Mito

    This would do the Hun Empire proud!
    In ya face engineering.

    Norton must be very jealous , kinda a “Homage ” to the Manx, but punked-up?


  • I’m used to thumpers, from XT500’s and XR500’s through to my current bike, a Husqvarna SM610, and am thankful for my starter every time I get on my Husky. I can not imagine kickstarting this brute, it must hurt! I also think it is bound to rattle the fillings in your teeth loose! Crazy stuff, but I wouldn’t mind taking it for a ride, it should be really entertaining and very easy to wheelie.

    Cheers guys!


  • Herbad

    Holy Shit, tell me that is a 2 stroke engine. My knowledge of aircraft is limited, so tell me …… Just awesome.

  • Pedro

    When all else fails you can count on German madness to save the day!

    Man, done the gods proud!

    Very serious bike, wonder what he dreams of next?