NSU Bison 2000

NSU motorcycle
This is the world’s largest single-cylinder two-wheeler. It was built by a gentleman called Fritz Langer, and it’s based on an NSU Konsul 500. I suspect that Fritz is one wave short of a shipwreck, but there’s no denying the balls-out engineering that has gone into this machine. Fritz replaced the original cylinder and piston with a 122 ci unit from a radial aeroplane engine, but that piston weighed 3.3 kg—over 7 lbs. So Fritz got Mahle to make up a lightweight piston of just 1.6 kg. After the engine block was widened and the crank milled, Fritz was ready to roll. (He must have strong legs, because this baby is a kickstart.) The stainless steel exhaust system, incidentally, is 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter, and there’s no silencer. So it’ll be enough to put even a Screamin’ Eagle-equipped Harley to shame. [Thanks to Glenn Edley of Car137. Translated from the NSU Cars site.]

NSU motorcycle

  • And this is what it looks like when this beast it firing flames out of the exhaust. :)


  • WillyP

    wtf for this one!

  • Wow… that thing looks like it blasted straight from hell.

  • Yay

    Any videos?

  • Raketemensch

    That’s 2000cc, yes?

  • Raketemensch

    Duh, it says that right on the tank… So much for my fancy conversion :]

  • rana

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to ride that thing!!!!!!!!

  • Senned
  • WOW! I’d sure love to see a video clip of him starting that beast!

  • Senned
  • “one wave short of a shipwreck” – Brilliant! Amazing bike.

  • OMG

  • themark

    Chances of ever fathering a child after having your gourds shaken into jelly by this thing = 0

  • WRXr

    Seen this before but still loving it! OHC no less!! Note the massive front down tube.

  • Peter

    God god. A two liter cylinder from a radial airplane engine and nothing but drum brakes to slow it down. I would be adding a parachute to that beast. Beautiful looks/engineering, though. If you’re crazy enough to ride it!

  • why do i get the feeling that my insides would turn to jello riding that thing?! haha

  • Love this thing! I second the request for a video, a Google search didn’t turn anything up.

  • I love motorcycles, especially special custom bikes, and I’ve seen many but this is one of the most original and intriguing motorcycles I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop staring at it because it is so uniquely original – Having many elements of 1000″s of other unique and noteworthy builds but ultimately, a real singular two wheeled machine. I would LOVE to see this bike and person and would gladly pay money to ride it. Thank you for this!!

  • Mark

    Cool I love the madness. Want to hear it run. Don’t fancy the kickback off it though with that kick start!

  • mingh

    How< wildis this! With a smaller tank it would even look more evil. But this is just ass kickin. Literally.

  • http://abgeschweift.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Schotten-2009-49.jpg

    link above from alexendar looks to have side car racer but on further examination it seems I was mistaken; that side car actually houses the full time factory fire suppression equipment. Sweet, I think I might try mounting a GE 747-700 turbine in the stripped-down Goldwing frame rusting in the backyard – and install a similar system.

  • bronko
  • And there we have it, a real mans machine! No nambie pambie electric starters or the like! Just stomp the beast into life and then hang on for your life!

  • Jimmy

    They need to make another Mad Max film just so this thing can rule it.

  • The Ogre

    Actually, a builder named Claus Mees built a three liter single: http://www.topspeed.com/motorcycles/motorcycle-news/the-hg3000-is-an-outrageous-single-cylinder-ar59698.html

    Sadly, it’s ugly as sin – bike above is much more interesting, I think.

  • Mito

    This would do the Hun Empire proud!
    In ya face engineering.

    Norton must be very jealous , kinda a “Homage ” to the Manx, but punked-up?


  • I’m used to thumpers, from XT500’s and XR500’s through to my current bike, a Husqvarna SM610, and am thankful for my starter every time I get on my Husky. I can not imagine kickstarting this brute, it must hurt! I also think it is bound to rattle the fillings in your teeth loose! Crazy stuff, but I wouldn’t mind taking it for a ride, it should be really entertaining and very easy to wheelie.

    Cheers guys!


  • Herbad

    Holy Shit, tell me that is a 2 stroke engine. My knowledge of aircraft is limited, so tell me …… Just awesome.

  • Pedro

    When all else fails you can count on German madness to save the day!

    Man, done the gods proud!

    Very serious bike, wonder what he dreams of next?