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NYC Motorcycle Federation

NYC Motorcycle Federation
There’s a new motorcycle-themed café and clothing store on 6th Avenue in NYC called Motorcycle Federation. The shop, just across from celeb hangout Da Silvano’s, has already attracted attention from local style blogs such as Thrillist. There’s a bit of attitude with the Federation guys and gals: they’re focused on ‘Outlaw Couture’ and boldly state ‘Car customers not welcome’. (But if you’re a ‘sucker without a bike’, it’s okay to get the subway.) Inside, you can browse the vintage leather jackets, sip an Illy coffee, and partake of the free wi-fi. Sounds better than Starbucks. [Via Southsiders M.C.]

  • kurtrude

    I live in NYC and have been to M/C Federation. Nice little joint with good gear although prices are a bit high (like all of NYC)

  • Milktooth

    I don’t live in NYC so I only have “outlaw couture” and the appalling cover of “Highway to Hell” that blares from the site to go by. As a motorcyclist, not a “biker”, I’d have to say that Deus does this much, much better.

  • Splitter

    Checked it out today. Cool little place but too small for a cafe and the prices were typical Manhattan. The chick behind the counter was cool. What’s missing is the real connection to bikes and riding that Deux and Ritmo have. Namely a shop or bike sales. MC Fed will end up being another boutique for village wanna bes to spend big money to look like something.

  • The concept of “outlaw couture” seems like an oxymoron. The real outlaw bikers I’ve known over the years didn’t give a rat’s ass about how they looked except for their “colors.” As one told me last year “I didn’t choose this life, it chose me.” Shopping for clothes to make yourself look like a fake outlaw is the exact opposite of what being a 1%er is about.