The mystery Parilla

Parilla high cam racing motorcycle
Reader Anthony Byrd spotted this lovely little Parilla at the AHRMA Vintage races held at Willow Springs last Saturday. The number plate on the front reads 515, but the immaculate machine is otherwise a puzzle. (A further clue: it was also spotted at the Venice Vintage Rally held in LA the weekend before.) Parilla was a Milanese marque known for its ā€˜High Camā€™ engines, and Iā€™m guessing this one is a mid 1950s model of around 175cc, possibly with non-standard front forks. Can anyone clear up this mystery?

  • Ben

    Such a beautiful bike! Anyone have any further info on it?

  • Brian Hill

    That is a neat little bike. I just love the old school cafe bikes.

  • Milt

    Judging by the picture, this is a racerized touring Parilla. The main give away is the the touring frame. Probably a ’56 to ’59 model year for the frame. Parillas were not imported into the USA until late ’57, so my guess for a year would be ’58 or ’59. A serial number check would help more. Parilla did make a race version that could be bought from the dealer (known as a Grand Sport), but the GS frame is more of a custom job than this bike. The front end is not factory, but aftermarket and the tank is the right shape for Grand Sports, but probably modified to a works racer configuration, or a commission job. Lots of attention to detail and highly polished to museum quality standards. A nice modified bike, but not an original factory racer.