Pere Tarragó

Motoscala Tarrago: Bultaco Sherpa T motorcycle model
In the small Spanish town of Molins de Rei lives Pere Tarragó, who builds 1:5 and 1:6 scale models of classic motorcycles. He uses steel, aluminum, brass and napa leather, and works with miniaturized tools of his own creation. After taking photographs, making drawings and copying decals from a full-scale bike, Tarragó returns to his workshop and begins construction. Weeks later, a test assembly of the model is made, and the brakes, clutch, wheels and transmission are checked. Tarragó then takes the model apart and applies the finishing touches—polishing, plating with nickel and chrome, and painting. The final assembly takes between 250 and 400 hours. View the results on the Motoscala Tarragó website, which catalogs sixteen of these tiny masterpieces. [Via The Kneeslider]