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Phantom EG

The Phantom EG
Vincent from The Southsiders MC pointed us in the direction of this strange motorcycle, which he spotted at the last Norton Festival at Donington Park in the UK. It’s a vintage-style racer with a Norton 750 cc twin, made by the Phantom Manufacturing company. These guys do not take themselves seriously: the company founders are reportedly Erasmus Thump, Titus Bottomly, Enoch Podsnap and a ‘Mrs. Mabel Ramsbottom’. “The Phantom EG is not for everyone,” noted the now-defunct website. “There are other motorbikes that are faster, and still others more comfortable. What sets the Phantom EG apart from all others, is the abundance of soul. ” If you’re seduced by this delicious whimsy, be prepared to spend upwards of $50,000 (approximately £31,000). [More on British Choppers.]