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Pierobon F042 hstreet

Pierobon F042 hstreet
Pierobon is an Italian frame-builder that has been supplying components for race bikes for over 50 years. It’s a familiar name around the MotoGP paddock and since the company is based in Bologna, it’s especially associated with Ducati. In 2006, Pierobon created the track-only F042 Supertwin racebike, a light and flickable machine designed to house aircooled Ducati motors. Two years later, the street version arrived, and Pierobon has just relaunched that bike as the ‘hstreet’, with the new livery you see here. The frame uses big aluminum tubes, the wheels are featherweight 17” items, and the complete bike weighs just 140kg. You can buy the frame and build your own bike, but to take it on the road in Europe you’ll need expensive legal approvals. So it’s better to let Pierobon sell you a complete bike for €19,900 (US$26,500). Expensive, yes, but this is a superlight naked built by one of the best names in race engineering, and it’ll handle like a gnat on crack. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see a F042 pitched against a Ducati Hypermotard along a winding country road.

Pierobon F042 hstreet
Pierobon F042 hstreet
Pierobon F042 hstreet
Pierobon F042 hstreet

  • BoxerFanatic

    Nice bike.

    I’d prefer a single sided swingarm, and a bit more of a bullet fairing, rather than a dual-sport type headlight fairing.

  • elven

    My kind of bike exactly, I’d only change tiny details.
    BoxerFanatic: I guarantee that the swingarm is lighter than a single-sider !

    • BoxerFanatic

      I am sure it is…

      But a Monster S4R tubular single-sider would look awesome paint-matched to that frame.

      It just depends on if you want it to look spectacular, or pare every last ounce out of the bike. I couldn’t use the upper 30% of that bike’s capabilities, anyway.

      • Swifts

        For me shaving the weight is more important, it’s what I’ve done to every bike I’ve owned; the cheapest performance upgrade by far ;)

        • Kim of Copenhagen

          Taking an engine apart and carefully making sure each piston, conrod etc. etc. weighs the exactly same as its siblings, is another inexpensive (if time-consuming) way of extracting more power.

  • Anonymous

    awesome. I’d pick a more modern colour scheme (looks a bit ninetees) and a round headlamp. Other than that, it’ a winner.

  • Lew

    I love it in every way. Maybe the frame color would be nicer in black but I’d be too busy riding it to notice.

  • Mule

    Looks really business like to me. It should work just fine. I’m kinda burned out on the flat black paint thing, but once it’s delivered to my house, I can take care of the paint right quick!

    Looks like a blast to ride.

    • elven

      Hey Mule, they have a shiny black one with a red stripe too !
      Would look good in my preference of gloss black, polished alloy and red highlights………

      Well, it would to me ;-)

    • Steve-R-R-R

      You’d never ride this bike. It has zip ties.

  • AC

    140kg….that would make some big dirt bikes jealous.

  • tq

    Great looking frame! Can’t imagine how light this must feel on the roads!

  • Franko

    Love to see a wheel-to-wheel with an NCR Milona!


  • Ranj

    Very cool. How do you say hadouken in Italian? I still would rather have a Radical Ducati.

  • Lucky Sometime

    While still giving credit to the technical accomplishments and the 140 kg total weight, the knockout for me is the way the frame repeats the lines of the motor exactly, especially in the first image.

  • Roklobster


    Round wheels are perfect. So are round headlights. Nowadays nekkeds all want to look like insects…IMO only so no flamos!

  • DS

    never knew their frames were aluminum.

  • i don’t want to be kicked in the nuts for this, but my old 1998 Yamaha SZR 660 had 160 kg stock, so with some kevlar wheels and removing some of the body would’ve reached this weight… but it didn’t had the power of this beast :)
    sweet ride…

  • KIK

    100% street fighter , i love it..

  • Mule

    Looking at the pictures and the components and the weight, I’m wondering…..why so cheap?

    • Mule

      Anybody know what the actual weight of a 2-valve Duck is? 175 lbs? More?

  • I’m wondering how he formed those frame gussets? If they’re aluminum, then they’d be 3003, but what thickness to get that curve?

    • Mule

      Emmet, you can tell what alloy it is from a picture? Where can I learn how to do that? I can usually tell by giving it a wif and checking for certain smells, but my sniffer isn’t what it used to be. :-( I held my face right up to the computer, but couldn’t smell a thing.

      • lol, more like you can tell from the application. Correct me if I’m wrong though, I’ve seen your work. Just throwing a wild guess out there. We use that alloy if the part needs bending at the machine shop. What do you think?

  • Davidabl2

    Note to Pierobon, your bike needs more elegant Gfx design-the label on the frame and the tank look like it could be on a sitdown power lawnmower. The one on the seat should be embossed only, imhop.

    The gfx need to be both more elegant-and more cutting edge- to be worthy of the bike itself.

    • Anti

      I disagree. I think the designs sit well on the the bike. I’d hate to see that cheesy typography stuff that virtually all manufacturers put on their bikes.

      I kind of look at this bike as a whole, and it comes across as something made by hands and racing wisdom. Hence the logo looks functional and proud of it’s place.

      To me “elegant and cutting edge” are a contradiction in design when it comes to this kind of thing.

      No doubt, they could create something better for their brand. Unfortunately 99% of graphic communication is trend based rubbish. Now if they could get a design studio that can give the 1% of great design, then that would be cool, and I could eat my words! And you would be right :-)

  • mrk_d

    Reminds me of this custom Multistrada (one of my favorite bikes I’ve ever seen to date):

  • Anonymous

    Note to Pierobon, your bike needs more elegant design GFX-The label on the frame and the appearance of the tank that could be an electric lawn mower sit-down. The security must be raised to imhop.

    Motorcycle Parts

  • Davidabl2

    Right. ” the 1% of great design” would be up to the standards of the bike. Well, if not that 1% surely somewhere in the top 5% Come to think of it, a lot of Italian manufacturers have had very classy
    logos/typography. Colnago bicycles, MV Agusta etc, etc

  • LoveandPolish

    Ive seen these things on the track and they are old Ducatis.. Id rather by a cheap ss and sup it up myself old skool. and spend the rest on an 1198. Two ducs for the price of one… haha