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Postie Bike Challenge

Postie Bike Challenge
The Honda CT110 is a diminutive 105cc, air-cooled, single cylinder motorcycle. It’s used in Australia for postal deliveries, and renowned for its toughness. It’s also the selected transport for a bizarre 2,000 mile race across the outback, the Postie Bike Challenge. The eighth annual race starts on 3 October 2009, and it costs just AU$4950 (US$3500) to enter. This includes a late model bike to ride, three meals a day, fuel, and a one-way air ticket back to the Australian city of your choice after the race finishes. Sounds like a helluva deal to us, and it’s charitable too: after the race, the bikes are donated to the Rotary Club. [Thanks to Studio Go photographer Josh Evans for the tip and the terrific images.]

  • Ira

    Give me a ticket back to Chicago and I’ll do this in a heartbeat.

  • pete

    I spent over twenty years riding these bikes, and doing this challenge is somethimg on my must do list in the future.

  • I was just given a non-working postie bike. What a great little bike, just needs a bit of TLC and it will be back on the road or off again! Would love to do the ‘Challenge’ or similar ride.

  • I’ve done several rides in various places now- Enduro india in 2006, Enduro Himalaya in 2007, and a ride around the coast of the British mainland on a 90cc Honda Cub stepthrough. It takes me a while to save the cash for some of them, but it’s always worth it for the experiences you get along the way.

    This one’s on my list- the return air fare doesn’t half add to the overall price though. Within the next couple of years i hope!

  • Arnold45

    How did you monitor the budget? ,