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Radical Ducati Imola RAD02

Radical Ducati Imola RAD02 cafe racer motorcycle
Spain’s leading Ducati specialist has pulled another rabbit out of the hat with this terrific new racer. It’s a tribute to the 750 Imola Desmo, which carried Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari to victory in the legendary 1972 200-mile race at Imola.

The engine of the RAD02 is a tuned 900 SS i.e. lump, with racing cams and optimized intake and exhaust ports. The frame is equally trick, being a custom-made chromoly steel item. It’s hooked up to an S4R swingarm, and a modified upside-down 43mm Showa front fork with low friction TiN treatment, taken from the 749S Testastretta. Indeed, most of the metallurgy on this bike is bespoke, and many body parts are carbon fiber.

The bike is not road-approved, although this should be possible: Radical Ducati will be building more machines to order, and can modify the componentry as needed.

  • Hieronymous Cowherd

    I like it, but then my left thigh is made of asbestos. Otherwise that endcan’s position might limit the amount of time you can sit on it, no?

  • Josh

    My god it is sexy! So well stripped down

    We need more new bikes looking like this. Love the exhaust, and the seat, and the tank, etc.

    Oh and that exhaust is fine if you have a track suit on.

  • Josh

    My God is it sexy! So well stripped down. Love the naked styled track bikes.

    We need to see more modern racers looking like this.

    Oh and the exhaust would be fine as long as you have a track suit on

  • h…o…l…y…c…r…a…p…!!!! wow, what a looker!

    definitely one of the sexiest duc’s ever made, but Radical is really good at making those. :D

  • Jerry Brown

    I agree, Hieronymous Cowherd, she’s looker, and a thigh cooker.

  • JDW

    Yummy. Love the look. And who would have thought a Harley part on an Italian beauty?

  • robweeve

    a wasp if i ever saw one