Rob North Triumph Trident

1974 Triumph Trident race bike with Rob North frame
Rob North is a name you occasionally hear in classic racing circles, but it seems that few people know much about the man. In the 1960s and 70s he built frames for BSA and Triumph triples, working with factory bikes, and at least one Honda CB750. North’s reputation was high, and the rights to the name and frame designs were sold first to Miles Engineering, and then a company called Trident. Today, Trident is a small outfit in the West Midlands of the UK that manufactures the Rob North Trident road bike and a BSA Rocket racer. (The word is that Rob North himself now lives in California.) The bike in the picture is a 1975 machine that was freshened up by the French restoration specialist Kerlo Classic. They’re a highly-regarded company with an enviable portfolio of work (and a client list that includes Philippe Starck). If you have a minute to spare, it’s worth checking out Kerlo’s other beautiful road racing restorations. And if you know what Rob North’s up to these days, drop us a line in the comments. [Spotted on Ze Last Chance Garage. Photo by Bruno Des Gayets.]

  • Love it. Great restoration.

  • Simply stunning, what a beauty!

  • very nice stuff, I am spellbound

  • zee

    I know of at least one Rob North Norton Commando..and it is stunning!
    how can i send you the pictures?

  • mingh

    Ahh, the late great trident, in one of its most famous guises, together with the original Slippery Sam. Rob North Tridents rule in many classic 750cc races held in europe.
    Being a proud owner of a 1973 Trident, i can advise the fantastic to anyone interested to know more about these great machines.

  • Anyname

    I recently read an article that indicated that he is alive and well, still active in California. There is a Rob North Fabrications in National City, CA., so that is probably him.

  • Kelly

    Rob North lives here in San Diego. He has the fabrication shop in National City as mentioned above. He made some custom parts for my Husband’s Gixxer. He works closely with the lead mechanic and part owner of National City Motorcycle.

  • Beautiful restoration. The Triumph and BSA racing triples are alive and well in California. Two complete racers delivered last year. Rob North.

  • Roger Middlebrook

    question for Zee as above.
    can you please send me the picture of the Rob North Norton you mentioned to [email protected]
    I have been slowly building my North Norton which is one of the 10 Miles engineering manufactured for Mick Hemmings in the late 70s frame number 151. As you can imagine getting any details on these bikes is very hard. would appricate any info.

  • Alan Ward

    Hi Rob North, I am from Coventry , and remember spending many hours in your Spon End workshop in the 60´s. I was the mechanic at Ray Bennett´s M/cycles in Spon End and friend of B/C raceware, and various other racing guys of the time. It is nice to hear that you are still at it. I have lived in Catalunya (Spain) for 36 yrs now and also am still at it. My page in facebook is Alan Can Nicanor Ward. Give me a look, we come to your part of the world occasionally. Look forward to hearing something. Cheers.

  • I was in the Navy back in 1978 and I met a guy building frames in Chula Vista Califonia. It was THE Rob North. A great guy and meticulous builder. I spent dys in his garage watching him build frames for Don Vesco to set the land speed record. Rob is a true artist. I have not talked to him in years but it appears he is still building frames in Cali. Cool