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Roland Sands RenStar

Roland Sands’ Renstar custom motorcycle
One of the most interesting bikes at the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building was Roland Sands’ RenStar. It’s based on a Yamaha Road Star, and unlike most of the motorcycles on show at Sturgis, it looks like you can actually ride it. That Dunlop 240/40 R18 at the back won’t help cornering, but it’ll sure get the power down on the road. And power is what this bike has, with a 110 ci engine heavily modified by Patrick Racing, including ported heads, valves, pistons, camshaft and an upgraded PR/Mikuni carb. The rest of the bike—from the frame to the swingarm to the cosmetic parts—was hand built by Sands. Michael Lichter has some stunning photos of this custom on his website, and it’s also caught the eye of Toyota Trucks, who have used it in an ad campaign aimed at motorcyclists. Strangely, the RenStar didn’t place in the final judging.

  • I have to say, before commenting on the lovely-ness of the bike, that the 240 tire will handle quite well, depending on the chassis geometry. Having been an employee of Confederate, I am quite familiar with the ‘correct’ geometry set-up to make a big 240 rear tire handle well. And they do. Very well. I’m sure Mr. Sands has the same thing going on, ashe’sone of a very select few builders who ‘gets it’…

    And beeee-you-ti-full bike.

  • JR

    yeah, great looking bike… and 240 isn’t ridiculous I would say….

    It would be sweet if one of the big v-twin bike companies gave us a cheap sporty v-twin in this style, I guess the closest would be the XR1200 (which I do really like)

    I’m talking about something like the regular sportster, but more of a cafe racer…. maybe even using the V-Rod engine…. just thinking out loud here

    I REALLY want to see an entry level bike from Victory (something to compete with the Sportster)

  • BikerVixyn

    Hey, I met this guy! He’s pretty cool :) As 4 the 240 tire, I’ve got a 250 on my Sporty & it corners like a dream! I’ll never go back 2 something smaller!. I hh8 2 say it bcuz it’s beautifuly crafted, but I’m betting the reason it didn’t make the finals is cuz of its style. Its very ‘crotch rocketish’, something that doesn’t often appeal to the cruiser/chopper crowd. All the same ~ Good Job Roland!

  • Ken

    Beautiful bike!

    @BikerVixyn, you’d think that was the case regarding “crusier/chopper” crowd, but I’m pretty sure AMD world’s are judged by fellow bike builders, not the crowd. In fact, Roger Goldammer, who’s been featured on bikeexif before, won last year with the goldmember bike. I don’t know that it’s sportier than Roland’s, but it certainly has the feel of a sport bike.

    Check it out:

  • As usual, pics don’t do bikes justice (even if the pics are great). This bike is a looker in person. Great job

    Cheers to Yamaha/Star for building a very compact Big Twin. Check out the drivetrain. Is there a more compact primary in a Big Twin? I believe it is also unit-construction which opens up chassis options (e.g. Gregg’s custom)

    Victory’s motor does have potential because it is somewhat compact and it is unit-construction. It would be interesting to compare the length of the Victory motor vs. the length of this Star motor.

  • Dan

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this…….I don’t like it. It just looks disjointed in some way. The ass is sports bike/performance chopper, the tank is frisco/cafe, the rake is chopper. I don’t know, it just doesn’t have the cohesion or Rolands usual sky high standard.

  • haidar

    that was awesome custom bikes

  • Personal Preference Rating: 10/10

    Only thing I would change is the paint scheme. I don’t like the number on the back. But other than that. I think is bike is perfect. It looks fast. It looks mean.