Ron Peck Triumph 650

Triumph 650
Quality over quantity today: just two images, but of the highest order. If you were at the 2008 Legend of The Motorcycle Concours d’Elegance, you may remember Californian Ron Peck’s show-stopping 1972 Triumph Rickman café racer. This is Peck’s latest creation, and it’s just knocked the socks off visitors to ADV Rider. It’s a 1966 Triumph 650, extensively reworked into a beautiful street tracker. Peck stripped the bike down to its component pieces, modified the rear frame to accept a fiberglass seat pan, and then tidied up and repainted the frame before reassembling the machine. He completely rebuilt the motor and installed polished crankcases, along with forks from Ceriani and Boriani rims—fitted with Pirelli M53 tires. Head over to ADV Rider for more images of the finished bike, or check out the build step-by-step on Ron’s blog. [Via Motorcycle Photo of the Day.]

Triumph 650

  • RLevinson

    A real-deal street tracker! That’s a seriously detail-intensive build, including polishing internal engine components. Beautiful work.

    Anybody interested in this bike really should look at the additional build pictures on ADV:

  • Laurent Batisse

    The work on this bike is great, but it’s not very different from other street tracker triumph, and there is a huge empty space at the front of the bike, I think the gas is really too small, and the front wheel looks lonely…

    • JT

      There is artistry in the junction of the frame tubes on most motorcycles. It is rarely seen because the gas tank obscures it. It is visible here and a unique aspect of a beautifully executed design/build. I wish I conceived and built it.

  • Ben

    Crappy old tyres, no turn signals, tiny tank-and that seat would be hell on my piles! Give me a fully dressed ‘Wing any day. (Please note heavy dose of sarcasm.) Does it for me-just needs some numberboards….

  • This rear chainwheel is hudge!!! I Love It!

  • Nicely done bike. I don’t think the rear sprocket got the message that it’s a STREET tracker though.

  • ipisboy

    0522 here in the Philippines…..opened the pics attached and very loudly exclaimed “Oh wow”. That hasn’t happened in very long time. What a beautiful machine. Thanks so much.

  • Doc M

    Each bike gets better than the last….

  • Chris Gillham

    beautiful build, great detail. wouldn’t that rear cog make it a little “mono happy” under acceleration?!! would be fun as hell to ride, as long as it didn’t get dirty

  • Rjraptor

    Cool looking thing, better if it were a regular rider or racer. Show bikes are virtual museum pieces and to me are no longer considered bikes. They are historical artifacts. Artifacts in of themselves are pretty cool but are in a different category of something that can/would be regularly used.

  • Coolstuffforbuilding

    Kind of a shame that the tank looks like it was from the wrong bike or someone chopped it in half…. way out of proportion…