Royal McQueen SuperNaag

Royal Enfield Electra
In Italy, the Royal Enfield name is synonymous with the dealer Royal McQueen. The Bologna shop sells nothing but India’s finest, and it also operates a thriving custom workshop. Royal McQueen’s latest creation is the ‘SuperNaag’—an affordable reworking of the Electra 500 that’s designed to evoke the charm of 70s enduro motorcycles. And in a strange way, it works.

SuperNaag (a loose translation of ‘King Cobra’, apparently) is fitted with many custom parts: only the lights and the exhaust pipe are off-the-shelf accessories. Royal McQueen’s very eccentric proprietor Andrea Fontana will build each €10,800 (US$13,800) SuperNaag, and you get to choose the color and detailing.

The finishing touch? As with all specials built by Fontana, the SuperNaag displays Built With Aloha on the tank. [Via Sideblog.]

Royal Enfield Electra
Royal Enfield Electra

  • It’s got a pretty good overall shape. I think I would:

    1. Take off the front fender
    2. Do something with the rear fender
    3. Move the exhaust (scalded leg, anyone?)
    4. Hide the wires under the tank.

  • WRXr

    Like it. Nice to see a custom that won’t cost a fortune. Plus the EFI Enfield is a really good looking engine. Nice place to start.

  • The name is Andrea Fontana, not Andrea Fortuna ;)
    Anyway, compliments for your blog, I’m loving it!

  • Oops, my mistake. Corrected now, and thanks for pointing it out.

  • Coward

    “SUPERNAAG” – is that German for wife??

  • 4Cammer

    Why so many “fin rubbers” or whatever they are called. This is for noise elimination, correct?

  • Hi Chris, great blog! And great work as ever for Mr Fontana Mc Queen.

  • noknok

    Nice piece. Reminds me a lot of the Hammarhead Woodsman.
    Thinking about it, I think I prefer the more classic look of the AVL engine in the Hammarhead Woodsman.
    Keep on posting, Chris!