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Scorpa SR125-2T LongRide

Scorpa SR125-2T LongRide trials bike
I’ve always had a slightly geeky fascination with trials bikes. They’re like a nerd version of motocross: beautifully engineered, delicate machines piloted by riders of dizzying skill. And without the usual MX-style machismo and histrionics. So I pricked up my ears when reader Jorge Lopes da Silva emailed us about the reappearance of the iconic Ossa brand. And then a tip from top Australian dealer The Hell Team turned us on to the renaissance of Scorpa, complete with new, KTM-ish orange and black color schemes for 2010. So: is the trials scene back in a big way? It sure looks like it. And my favorite bike of the new wave is this two-stroke Scorpa. Simply because it’s the kind of bike I could ride. (Meaning, you can sit down on it.) Yes, it looks very gawky, but it weighs just 69 kg—or 150 lbs—which is a good 20 kg less than your typical Japanese 125 motocross screamer. The key is the LongRide designation that gets you a perfunctory seat, and a fuel tank that allows you to head off down the fire trails for a reasonable amount of time. Looks fun for a weekend blast into the woods, don’t you think?

  • Yep, trials is back in a big way. And there is no better way to get into it than on a Scorpa with a long range kit!

  • j

    Finally! I’ve been waiting forever for this bike. I’ve found various long range kits in the past, including an especially cool kit for a Montesa, but they were only available in Europe (in extremely limited quantities). I finally got a long range tank on my Gas Gas a few years back.

    The best thing about trials bikes is that they negate the need for trails–you get to experience something new every ride. And also the fact that they are perfectly balanced.

    Thanks for posting this find!

  • Yeah, it’s been back. See the Montesa Cota R-4. Amazing chassis. Even crazier motor!

  • Derek, check out the new OSSA for a crazy trials motor and forward thinking design – 2 stroke injected 250cc. Vertical fuel throttle body, fuel in front down tubes, central radiator, rearward facing exhaust port, and rearward slanting barrel. Try this link.

  • j

    Gas Gas has a trick Raga Replica that’s worth checking out as well–gold tubular frame, gold magnesium crankcases, etc.

  • j

    The Montesa is the bike I saw a cool seat + long range tank for a while back.