Shinya Kimura and Spike

Shinya Kimura's Spike at El Mirage
It’s one thing to build an avant-garde custom bike. It’s entirely another to take said bike to the heat of El Mirage, and run it in the world’s fastest automotive speed trials. But that’s what Chabott Engineering founder Shinya Kimura (left, above) just did. He clocked 87mph (141kph) on his 1946 Knucklehead ‘Spike’, balloon tires and all. Reader Anthony Byrd was there, and sent us the pic to prove it.

  • JR

    cool lookin bike!

  • per nielsen

    think you build great style bobbers and other bikes, not to compare with other builders, i like uour style and all the handmade parts, using old and new.. would like to start producing parts my selvf, but i´ts wery hard here in denmark.. need someone to help..

    keep up what u do couse its great work, and kind of art to

    per nielsen denmark, bas bobber ovner under build up

  • Arnel

    I saw it run sounds like he had a lil trouble near the end. I think he could have gone faster.