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Yuri Shif’s S&S Cycle custom

S&S Cycle custom
Belarus-based Yuri Shif is rapidly becoming one of the most interesting custom builders outside the US. Granted, his specialty is show bikes—but he’s mixing interesting design and paint with a tremendous level of detail. This S&S-engined machine is the follow-up to the controversial ‘DUster’, the star of the last Custombike and Verona Expo shows. It’s mysteriously called Gustav Skippone, for reasons only known to its owner Vladimir Kristovskiy.

As with DUster, the paintwork is unusually pale for a custom, but the retro-inspired cream color strangely works. The bike is built around a powerhouse 107ci S&S V-twin motor, and transmits its 95-or-so horsepower through a Baker 6-speed ‘box and Continental rubber. The fuel tank, swingarm and softail frame are all YSC creations—with a classic Harley-Davidson springer handling suspension duties up front. Expect to hear a lot more about this bike over the next few months at the European shows.

S&S Cycle custom
S&S Cycle custom
S&S Cycle custom
S&S Cycle custom

  • the motor looks brutal in that frame! i like the copper lines, but not sure about the combination with the gold, but i never like gold, so that could just be me ;)

    i really want to see a full side shot… fun find!

  • WRXr

    One of the better looking bikes shown here recently.

    Do the right side fuel line on the gas tank, and the cross over fuel line on TOP of the tank serve a purpose or are they just decoration?

  • Temporary Citizen

    WRXr, the right-side fuel “tube” would be a level indicator i’m assuming. Awesome idea too.

  • Is that pink?
    Bazaar looking bike, I’d ride that, but I think my old lady would look better on it than me.

  • Love those pipes, but the copper tubing is a bit too steampunk for me. Also: maybe it’s just the light frame, but this reminds me a lot of that Seppster ice racer from back in January.

  • alfredo chies

    Estoy de acuerdo Chris, es inusual ver semejante exquisitez, tanto en el diseño como en la tan cuidada manufactura. Saludos.

  • Maruice Poonwhiddle

    Very baroque.

  • daan

    I like this bike, also the duster was something else, nice original work..Too bad to see that most of the other bikes on the website are ugly, over the top nasty American chopper type bikes….

  • Kris