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Storz SP 1200 Sportster

Storz SP 1200 Conversion Kit for Sportsters
Storz Performance introduced its XR 1200 dirt track kit for the Harley-Davidson Sportster way back in 2005. Earlier this year, Harley acquired Storz’ trademark rights for “XR 1200”—so the kit is now known as the SP 1200. It includes Storz/Ceriani 55mm inverted front forks, Flanders Café bars, a high pipe exhaust system, and a hand-formed alloy gas tank.

  • Adrian

    Yes, the Storz has always been the nicest looking flat tracker replica. I would love to know how much money Storz was paid for the name.

  • misteradiant

    if i farted just right, harley would either sue me or buy the rights to my fart.

    now, if i could fart, sound like a harley, and to the tune to a disney song….

    that would be sweet.