Suzuki GSX-R750 streetfighter

Suzuki GSX-R750 Streetfighter. Photo by 'NachoFighter'.
Ducati’s Hypermotard and Streetfighter have reignited interest in the streetfighter category. So we’re now seeing some interesting conversions based on supersport bikes, such as the Suzuki GSX-R. The mean-lookin’ Gixxer above is a 1993 model transformed by Xavi Garcia from Barcelona, with help from his friends at Streetfighter Spain.

The detailing is professional, with countless tweaks: these include a modified subframe, new seat cowl and KTM front mask, all professionally painted. A Dynojet kit and Yoshimura exhaust add extra power. The 34 on the cowl, as you may have guessed, is a tip to Suzuki RGV500 legend Kevin Schwantz. Bello!

  • James Alley

    I love your blog. The best. But on this point you’ve misspoke. The Ducati Streetfighter is not catalyzing GSX-R conversions like the one seen here. The opposite is true. The GSX-R platform was the original streetfighter base which provided the inspiration for all which followed.

  • amen james.

  • Chris, thanks to publicate !!!

  • skasev

    he said REignited!!

  • McMad

    Eh? Where have you lived for the past 20+ years? Ducati’s products have nothing to do with streetfighters. Streetfighters were born in the UK in the mid 80’s and bikes based on the old oil-cooled Suzukis are more or less the archetypes of that ‘scene’. Actually, streetfighters are nowhere near as popular today as they were 10 years ago.

  • Ducati’s original Monster from the early 90s was influenced by the streetfighter trend of stripped-down sportsbikes.

    Since the launch of more recent supermoto/hypermotard type bikes, including Ducati’s high-profile models, there seems to have been a revival of interest in the streetfighter genre.


    Congratulations xavi, I love this blog, it´s great but yours reflexions over the streetfighters its wrong, a streetfighter never never buy in a shop… all the streetfighters its build for streetfighters owner.

  • Bike Addict

    Great bike Xavi !
    Great blog guys !
    Bookmarked and Stumbled !

  • I agree with ELMANIEMPANADO, the true definition of a streetfighter is a sportbike stripped down by its own for more performance and a more aggressive look. Therefore, it could never be purchased in a factory. However, by Ducati naming their new naked bike “streetfighter” it shows that the scene is in fact rising enough for the big manufacturers to take notice.