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Suzuki Nuda

1986 Suzuki Nuda concept motorcycle
One of the stars of the 1986 Tokyo Motor Show was the Suzuki Nuda concept. The styling attracted a huge amount of attention, and unlike most 20-year-old concept studies, still looks fresh today. The Nuda was reputedly operational and rideable, propelled by the DOHC in-line four GSX-R750 engine; it had two-wheel-drive, with power transmitted via shaft drives, and the front wheel was hub-steered in the Bimota fashion. Otherwise, details about this machine are surprisingly hard to find. Does anyone have a source of information? [With thanks to Jorge Lopes da Silva.]

  • although very different, you can definitely see some inspiration from this bike seeping into the fairly new(ish) Biplane concept, and even to a degree the slightly older G-Strider concept.

    this is truly a work of art though, who wouldn’t love to have this sitting in your living room?! think of an updated version of this, LED lights, lighter billet wheels (such as those on the new 1198R Corse edition Ducati), and a GSXR 1K motor, or better yet (in keeping with the retro futuristic appeal) the Crosscage’s Hydrogen power plant.

    another amazing concept from Suzuki in ’85 is the Falcorustyco, more funky suspension and more of a naked look.

    a beautiful bike to post! :D

  • Ceolwulf

    See now THAT’s what bikes were supposed to look like in the Future :)

  • Hi!, I´m Jorge, the source of this article :D, I told Chris Hunter about the Falcorustyco too :)

    Great blog!

  • First thought: looks cool.
    Second thought: THAT’S A 23-YEAR-OLD DESIGN HOLY CRAP.

  • i love the cut clean look excellent work

  • lpmop

    for me the best is name :D from polan nuda=boredom, with this engine ?? ;)

  • I remember my jaw hitting the floor when I cracked the Cycle World with this bike on the cover. I still have the scar.

    Anyone remember the Yamaha Morpho?

  • Joe

    Wow! That was a very prescient design by Suzuki. That styling is exactly what would come in the late 90’s. 15 years later!

  • Lubinder

    If Robocop had a bike, this would be it!

  • You have to stare at this image for a long time before the 1980’s futuristic styling elements appear. A beautiful looking machine then and now and probably down the track too.

  • Rainman

    Just in time for Tron Legacy. Why didn’t they look to THIS bike for their inspiration?? Absolutely gorgeous – and TWO WHEEL DRIVE? Amazing. Love the look of the semi slick tires too.

  • prasanth

    DAmn! 23 yr old design!?! geebus I thought this was from this years EICMA! This thing looks like its ready to tear apart the desmosedici rr

  • PB

    great concept. and l do remmber the morpho! l was loving drawing concepts like those! and you´ll see the future will give them right (a bit)!

  • themark

    I believe this model, and the Falcorustyco were developed by Yamaha’s long time partner GK Design in Japan. I’ll look into it and get back to you if I can find any more information.

  • that’d be cool to know “themark”

  • WildBill

    What about the 89 Morpho concept?

    If nothing else, the rear set design seams like it would blow the doors off at any showroom the world over. This is the future I want to live in. Scat man and all.

  • Biker

    Whoever designed this, he truly had a sense for Future Design. Fuckin sweet!

  • I recall this very, very vaguely, but wasn’t the Nuda equipped with a keyless system where you used smartcards to start it – also making it possible to restrict the power for different drivers, like when you lended (yeah, right) your son the bike?

  • Aline

    When I look at it, I think about the Futura (Aprilia)

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  • Val

    Im not usually a fan of bikes but this bike is amazing, why oh why did they not build it?! I think i will have to build my own :D