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Moto Guzzi custom: A Magnificent V7 racer from 46Works

A Magnificent V7: 46Works’ Moto Guzzi custom


We’ve been fans of Shiro Nakajima’s work since Bike EXIF kicked off eight years ago. From classic restorations to full-on race bikes, he’s able to turn his hand to anything that requires high-end craftsmanship and an eye for detail. Nakajima is best known as the man who started up Ritmo Sereno, the Tokyo shop famous…

KTM RC8 given the custom treatment by 46Works

Plastic Surgery: A Naked KTM RC8 from 46Works

On the bucket list of events we want to attend, the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show is at the top. The one-day show is legendary because it attracts the best builders from Japan—and some quite extraordinary customs. A few days ago, one of the standouts of the 2015 show was this KTM RC8. Yes, a…

BMW R nineT custom motorcycle builders

R nine T Custom Project: the builders


It’s not often that we get an insight into the minds and work processes of Japan’s custom motorcycle builders. The language barrier is simply too much. So we’re wrapping up our coverage of BMW’s R nineT Custom Project by interviewing the four builders involved. Although they’re at the top of their game—and undoubtedly some of…

BMW R Nine T Custom Project

For six months, four of Japan’s top custom workshops have been tearing down and rebuilding BMW’s R nineT roadster. The names will be familiar to…