A 2010 Triumph Bonneville given the hardcore scrambler treatment by 6/5/4 Motors.

Scrambling, Swedish Style: 6/5/4’s hardworking Bonneville


Triumph’s current range of ‘modern classics’ was only launched a year ago, but it’s already eight models strong. And right now we’re in London for the launch of another new variant tomorrow night. This should mean even more ‘old’ Triumph Bonnevilles on the second hand market—at prices leaving plenty of spare change for customization. And…

A Yamaha XT500 Built To Blast Through Swedish Forests

A Yamaha XT500 Built To Blast Through Swedish Forests


Despite the long winter nights and unforgiving climate, Sweden has a thriving custom industry. It’s what we’d call an ‘underground chopper’ scene—with the most famous graduate being BMW designer Ola Stenegärd. But there’s a new wave of modern alt-moto builders coming through, and at the forefront is the small Stockholm shop 6/5/4 Motors. Their bikes…

A sleek Yamaha SR500 built to tackle the woodland trails of northern Sweden.

Into The Woods: 654’s rippin’ Yamaha SR500

If there’s a two-wheeled equivalent of the VW Beetle, it’s the Yamaha SR series. The mechanicals are simple, parts are cheap, and the charm has endured over the decades. In the US, you can pick up an older SR500 in reasonable condition for $2,000 or so. This accessibility also means a glut of customized SR400s…

A Triumph Bonneville Scrambler from Sweden's 6/5/4 Motors

Into the woods: A Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

Under the hood, there’s not much difference between the Triumph Bonneville and Scrambler. Other than their firing intervals (the Scrambler has a 270-degree crank for extra ‘thump’), the bikes are mainly separated by styling cues. Which means that, with a few well-placed mods, a stock Bonnie can be made as dirt-worthy as a Scrambler. Or…