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Out Of This World: This BMW GS custom from BCR Designs looks like an alien life form.

Loving The Alien: A radical BMW GS from New Jersey


Why is the custom scene saturated with vintage R-series BMWs? We reckon it’s because they’re reliable and affordable, and builders love the Lego-like construction. The modern R 1200 GS is a rarity on the scene, though. It might be an icon of our times, but it’s also a big bike crammed with modern electronics and…

Benjie Flipprboi of BCR has turned the Harley 883 into a super-stylish, high-performance scrambler.

Turning The Harley 883 Into A Scrambler

It looks like 2015 is going to be the Year Of The Scrambler. It’s fast becoming the dominant genre on the new wave custom scene, and manufacturers are getting into the act too. As everyone knows, Ducati has joined Triumph in offering a factory scrambler—and Moto Guzzi has just released a kit that converts the…

Moto Guzzi Ambassador by BCR

Anyone who’s considered building a traditional café-racer has probably stumbled upon Benjie Flipprboi’s site at some point. As Benjie’s Café Racers, he produces a wide array of good looking bolt-on parts from his Corona, California base—and he builds pretty desirable bespoke motorcycles to boot. This 1969 Moto Guzzi Ambassador—dubbed “Urban Tractor”—is BCR’s latest project, inspired…