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The BOTT XR1R Pikes Peak motorcycle—winner of the Exhibition Powersport class

Cloud Chaser: The BOTT XR1R Pikes Peak Racer


The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is madness of the highest order. Racers blast through the 12-mile course at breakneck speed—climbing 4,720 feet and navigating 156 turns, right on the edge of disaster. Tackling it on two wheels takes tons of skill, massive cojones and a few loose screws. And a motorcycle that can go…

Bottpower XC1: A Cafe Racer For Tomorrow

Bottpower XC1: A Cafe Racer For Tomorrow

EXCLUSIVE: David Sánchez has his hands pretty full. When we pressed him for details of the latest Bottpower project, we had to wait for his racing season to finish. He’s an experienced race engineer, and that means doing time on the Superbike European Championship. But when he’s not travelling from circuit to circuit, he heads…