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Street Smarts: an urban Suzuki DR650 by Diamond Atelier

Street Smarts: an urban Suzuki DR650 by Diamond Atelier

Since the scrambler is the style du jour, street bikes are being reconfigured as dirt-bikes on a daily basis. So it’s a rare treat to see a builder going in the opposite direction. Suzuki’s DR650 is true to the original scrambler spirit: it’s tall, robust and utilitarian. But to the boys at Munich-based Diamond Atelier,…

The third build from Munich-based Diamond Atelier is this brutal-looking BMW R100R custom.

Absolute Gem: Diamond Atelier’s BMW R100R

We’re calling it: the custom boxer movement has reached critical mass. More BMWs are rolling off workbenches than ever before, so builders have to look at Bavaria’s sweetheart with fresh eyes to get noticed. This neo-noir BMW R100R from Diamond Atelier is more of a swift kick to the jaw than a breath of fresh…

BMW R80 RT built by Tom Konecny of Munich-based Diamond Atelier.

Pure Klasse: Diamond Atelier’s BMW R80

The BMW R80 ticks all the boxes for custom builders. It’s reliable, simple to work on and cheap to buy. And, as with all R-series airheads, it looks pretty good straight out of the box. Unfortunately, the popularity of the venerable BMW means it’s edging into cliché territory: most customs look pretty much the same.…