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Delivering Smiles: An ex-postal service Suzuki reborn as a funky cafe racer.

Special Delivery: An ex postal service Suzuki GN250


Customizing bikes is all about seeing potential. Case in point: this cute little ’92 Suzuki GN250 from Portugal’s Dream Wheels Heritage. Back in the day, the GN was the go-to bike for riding schools and the Portuguese postal service. But this one’s been resurrected as a neat-n-tidy café racer, for delivering smiles around the island…

Based on the Honda Dominator, this custom scrambler comes from Dream Wheels Heritage and Capêlo's Garage of Portugal.

Double Act: Dream Wheels’ custom scrambler

Nuno Capêlo is one of those renaissance guys who have way too much talent. He’s an architect-turned-bike-designer, who can sketch out sharp-looking concepts ready to be turned into metal. Nuno’s CV includes Portugal’s best builders—including it roCkS!bikes and Ton-Up Garage. And now he can add this very funky custom scrambler to the list.

Pretty Fly for a CityFly: a cute Honda CLR125 scrambler from Portugal.

Pretty Fly for a CityFly: Dream Wheels’ Honda CLR125

As far as we’re concerned, small capacity bikes don’t get enough love. They’re frugal, cheap to run and can go about anywhere (if you have the patience). So they’re usually relegated to commuter or courier duties. Hélder Moura of Dream Wheels Heritage sees potential for more—especially in Portugal, where Dream Wheels is based. There, you…