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Enigmatic French builder Ed Turner reworks the Kawasaki Z1000ST, with outrageous results.

Sacrilège: A Kawasaki Z1000ST Of Biblical Proportions


Ed Turner is one of Europe’s most extreme custom workshops. Owner Karl Renoult has a very clear and unapologetic vision: he builds each bike with “the sole purpose of giving it character and attitude.” This is Karl’s most outré creation yet, a Kawasaki Z1000ST heavy on biblical references and christened Ezechiel 21, ‘The Sword.’

Turning Japanese: a sharp Honda CX500 custom by Ed Turner.

Turning Japanese: Ed Turner remodels the CX500

Whenever a new Ed Turner build hits our desks, we do a double take. Karl Renoult—the enigmatic Frenchman behind the brand—certainly has a knack for the audacious. Luckily, Karl also has the skills to back up his over-active imagination. But when a new client went to him with a very specific idea of what he…

Totally Radical: Ed Turner’s Suzuki GSX1100

Some bikes are built to go far—others to look flash. We’ll let you decide which category Ed Turner’s latest creation falls into. It’s no coincidence that Ed Turner sounds like “head turner”: proprietor Karl Renoult’s design ethos is deliberately edgy. His client—a designer—shares the same philospohy.

BMW R65 customized by Karl Renoult of Ed Turner Motorcycles, France.

BMW R65 by Ed Turner

Ed Turner is the nom de guerre of French custom builder Karl Renoult. It’s meant to echo “head turner”—a theme that’s central to Karl’s design philosophy. His latest creation is certainly loaded with character and attitude. It’s built on a 1979 BMW R65—but the only remaining traces of its Bavarian ancestry are the unmistakable boxer…