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Excelsior motorcycle

358 Vintage Road Racer

This is one of the most unusual creations we’ve seen for a while. It was built by Paul Brodie of Washington State, a talented engineer with a penchant for classic motorcycles. Brodie was reverse-engineering an Excelsior boardtrack engine using modern materials, and needed a test mule for his embryonic motor. So he built this ‘358…

Excelsior motorcycle

Excelsior Manxman

Most vintage motorcycles look spindly and fragile. Others look bulbous and unbalanced to modern eyes. But a select few—Vincent included—look hunkered-down and purposeful, and strangely modern: their aesthetic balance has endured. Excelsior is a name that can be added to that list, as long as you get the right Excelsior—because there are at least eight…