• Six of the best recent motorcycle films, from Dana Brown, Scott Pommier and Henrik Hansen.

    6 motorcycle films worth watching

  • Chris Hunter Motorcycle VideosSpecial Features ,,

    The fine art of the motorcycle film has hit a speed hump in recent years. Raw and gritty paens to the alternative lifestyle are harder to find. And easy access to broadcast-quality DSLR recording has caused a rise in quantity rather than quality. But it’s… Read more »

  • BMW R65 by Ed Turner

    BMW R65 by Ed Turner

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Ed Turner is the nom de guerre of French custom builder Karl Renoult. It’s meant to echo “head turner”—a theme that’s central to Karl’s design philosophy. His latest creation is certainly loaded with character and attitude. It’s built on a 1979 BMW R65—but the only… Read more »

  • The $185,000 Midual Type 1

    The $185,000 Midual Type 1

  • Chris Hunter Production Motorcycles ,

    The problem with most exotic motorcycles is that they are too damn fast. We drool over equipment from the likes of NCR and Vyrus—but unless you spend your spare time testing for a MotoGP team, their performance is mostly academic. Carmakers have got this sussed… Read more »

  • Triumph Bonneville T100 by Clutch

    Triumph Bonneville T100 by Clutch

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,,

    As long as Triumph keep churning out modern classics, builders will be lining up to chop them. This latest example is a 2007 Bonneville T100—tastefully reworked by the crew at Clutch Custom Motorcycles. Clutch Custom operates out of Paris’ 12th arrondissement, and if I had… Read more »

  • BMW R60/5 ‘Dustbeemer’

    BMW R60/5 ‘Dustbeemer’

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    If the name Séb Lorentz doesn’t ring a bell, it should. Séb is one of Europe’s most gifted bike builders, with an eye for a line and a willingness to break the mold. He’s built two of our all-time favorite customs: a slammed Yamaha XS650… Read more »

  • Honda CB750 K7 by 4h10

    Honda CB750 K7 by 4h10

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Make a list of the ten most influential motorcycles of all time, and the Honda CB750 has got to be on it. But by the late 70s the original superbike had become the two-wheeled equivalent of middle-aged Elvis: slightly out of shape and overshadowed by… Read more »

  • BMW R80G/S Dirt Tracker by Blitz

    BMW R80G/S Dirt Tracker by Blitz

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,,

    The popularity of BMW’s classic R-series shows no signs of waning. Still, it’s unusual to see a R80G/S get the custom treatment. Given the heritage of the Gelände/Strasse designation, you’re more likely to spot one in stock trim, or kitted out with parts from the… Read more »

  • Norton 850 Commando Hi-Rider

    Norton 850 Commando Hi-Rider

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    Every manufacturer has a skeleton in its closet, and in Norton’s case, it’s the Hi-Rider. Arguably the first factory-produced custom, it looked like powered version of children’s bicycles such as the Schwinn Sting-Ray and Raleigh Chopper. Which themselves were parodies of choppers with banana seats… Read more »

  • Honda CBS125 by Dauphine-Lamarck

    Honda CBS125 by Dauphine-Lamarck

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    There are dozens of builders who work on nothing but Harleys. Countless others stick exclusively to Indians, Moto Guzzis or Ducatis. But we didn’t know there’s a workshop that specializes in tiny Hondas from the 60s to the 80s—until now. This classy little Honda CBS125… Read more »

  • Yamaha XS650 by Clutch Custom

    Yamaha XS650 by Clutch Custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    It’s a long time since we’ve featured a Yamaha XS650. It’s a bike that has become ubiquitous: with so many customs built on the 45-year-old platform, it’s hard to impress any more. This one is a cut above the rest though, mostly because it’s a… Read more »

  • Sprintbeemer by Lucky Cat Garage

    Sprintbeemer by Lucky Cat Garage

  • Chris Hunter Racing Motorcycles ,,

    The inspiration for a bike build can come from the most unlikely of sources. In the case of this most unusual BMW sprint bike, it was a vintage M&H Racemaster drag tire. The tire belonged to the amiable Séb Lorentz of the Lucky Cat Garage,… Read more »

  • BMW R60/2 by Blitz Motorcycles

    BMW R60/2 by Blitz Motorcycles

  • Wesley Reyneke Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Blitz Motorcycles have been enjoying a long love affair with old BMW ‘airheads.’ To date, more than a handful of unique (and often eccentric) boxer customs have rolled out of their workshop. One of their earliest builds was ‘Great Escape‘—a murdered out BMW R60/2 that… Read more »

  • Suzuki GSX1200 x Holographic Hammer

    Suzuki GSX1200 x Holographic Hammer

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Sylvain Berneron is a BMW Motorrad designer who is particularly passionné about customs. This is ‘Tzar,’ his personal Suzuki GSX1200 Inazuma—and it’s even faster than it looks. At the Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz last June, Tzar took on all-comers and won the hotly-contested… Read more »

  • BMW R65 + surfboard

    BMW R65 + surfboard

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    A bike has to be pretty special to stand out at the annual Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz: it’s the motorcycling equivalent of a beach full of French supermodels. But this lovely 1979 BMW R65 with a surfboard rack stopped passers-by in their tracks… Read more »

  • Motorcycle wallpaper #10

    Motorcycle wallpaper #10

  • Chris Hunter Motorcycle Wallpaper

    The art of the motorcycle poster seems to have declined of late. Before WWII, motorcycle manufacturers would commission amazing illustrations that captured the power and glory of motorcycles, with racy typography and dashing young chaps in goggles. Then the film camera came along—and by the… Read more »

  • Kawasaki W650 by Max Power

    Kawasaki W650 by Max Power

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    It’s a while since we’ve featured a Kawasaki W650. So it was a pleasure to receive details of this beautifully proportioned build from Bertrand Bussillet, editor of the French magazine Cafe Racer. The W650 belongs to a Parisian actor, David. He’s a long-time fan of… Read more »

  • BMW R75/7 by Clutch Custom

    BMW R75/7 by Clutch Custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Building a custom motorcycle is about judgment: knowing what to change, what to leave alone, and when to stop. It’s about proportions, lines and shapes. The balance between color and leather, paint and metal, gloss and matte. It’s a fiendishly difficult mix to get right,… Read more »

  • BMW R1200R by Lazareth

    BMW R1200R by Lazareth

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Ludovic Lazareth has made a name for himself in France with extreme car and motorcycle customs. How about a Mini pickup powered by a 3.5-liter Range Rover engine? A trike with a Ferrari V8 under the hood? Or a custom Yamaha FZR1000 with Tron-style bodywork… Read more »

  • Moto Guzzi Le Mans by 4h10

    Moto Guzzi Le Mans by 4h10

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    There are a staggering number of motorcycles in Paris. Sit at any café for half an hour, and you’ll probably see more bikes pass by than anywhere else in the western world: from 1980s roadsters to Piaggio three-wheelers to rumbling Harleys. As you might expect,… Read more »

  • Royal Enfield by Tendance

    Royal Enfield by Tendance

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    In Paris, the main Royal Enfield dealer is Tendance Roadster. They’re based in Levallois-Perret, near the old Clément-Bayard factory where Citroën built the 2CV. Dealer principal Guillaume Tirard is a fan of custom bikes too, and after a weekend getting bogged down in mud during… Read more »

  • Blitz BMW R100RT ‘La Parisienne’

    Blitz BMW R100RT ‘La Parisienne’

  • Kawasaki W650 scrambler

    Kawasaki W650 scrambler

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Occasionally a bike comes along that stops me dead in my tracks. It’s usually a motorcycle that’s a little ‘different’: perhaps not 100% perfect, but with charm and style. And with that indefinable quality of begging to be ridden. This Kawasaki W650 is one of… Read more »

  • Blitz BMW R75/6 ‘GSky’

    Blitz BMW R75/6 ‘GSky’

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    It was only three years ago that Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel started Blitz Motorcycles. But the Paris-based workshop is now one of the biggest names on the European new wave custom scene, thanks to a string of unconventional ‘old timer’ customs. This is Blitz’… Read more »

  • BMW R75/6 by Clutch Custom

    BMW R75/6 by Clutch Custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    In the 12th arrondissement of Paris, home to the Bastille opera house, is a small workshop called Clutch Custom. It’s one of those places where you can buy old components, get a custom part machined up, and occasionally buy a complete motorcycle. This is the… Read more »

  • Triumph bobber by Southsiders

    Triumph bobber by Southsiders

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    These days, you don’t often see hardtails getting thrashed around dirt tracks. But this Triumph T120-based machine is not only a daily rider, but also throws up rooster tails on a regular basis.

  • Velocette MSS 500

    Velocette MSS 500

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    It seems so strange now, but before the 1960s, dirt bikes usually had the same chassis as their road-going counterparts. And if you wanted a bike to race, you could order a basic engine and frame from the factory, and then finish the machine to… Read more »

  • Bonneville T100 custom

    Bonneville T100 custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    In France earlier this year, I was struck by the popularity of the Triumph Bonneville. Many were lightly customized, but none were as smart of this Bonneville T100. It’s owned by Patrick Crépelle, and shows how Triumph’s ‘modern classic’ can be transformed by an amateur… Read more »