• Kaffeemaschine Guzzi California

    Kaffeemaschine Guzzi California

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    If you live in Germany and hanker after a custom Moto Guzzi, the man to speak to is Axel Budde of Kaffeemaschine. His latest bike is this café racer, based on the T3 California—and to my eyes it looks much better than Moto Guzzi’s own… Read more »

  • Untitled BMW R80 G/S

    Untitled BMW R80 G/S

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    If I had to pick an older bike to take me on a tour of Europe, I’d choose a BMW R80 G/S. It’s a bona fide classic, but unlike most of that ilk, it’s also reliable, relatively simple on the mechanical front, and still has… Read more »

  • BMW S1000RR custom

    BMW S1000RR custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Yes, you’re looking at a BMW S1000RR. The asymmetrical bodywork has gone, along with the oddball headlights and spindly mirrors. It’s an audacious dismantling of BMW’s superbike, and the perpetrator is Steve Culp of Shreveport, Louisiana. Culp spends his spare time designing not only custom… Read more »

  • BMW R100 cafe racer

    BMW R100 cafe racer

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,

    Urban Motor is a CR&S dealer in Berlin, Germany, but it doesn’t just sell new motorcycles. The company has put together a lovely classic BMW cafe racer, using a 1983 R80 G/S as the base. ‘Earl Grey’ has been upgraded with a R100RS front fork,… Read more »

  • SE Service Slugger

    SE Service Slugger

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Sweden’s Stellan Egeland is one of the world’s most innovative custom motorcycle builders. Like Belgian maestro Fred Krugger, Egeland is prepared to push the limits of styling and use as much modern technology as possible. His approach resulted in a podium finish at the 2009… Read more »

  • DKW racing motorcycle

    DKW racing motorcycle

  • Chris Hunter Racing Motorcycles ,

    Here’s an interesting old ’un coming up for auction in a few days in England. It’s not an original DKW, but a replica of the pre-1930 racers, assembled from period parts and rebuilt four years ago. It might be a mongrel, but its pedigree is… Read more »

  • Custom Ducati 860 GTS

    Custom Ducati 860 GTS

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    The 860 series is one of the most maligned of all Ducatis. Styled by auto designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, it was ahead of its time and sales were poor. But it’s also one of those bikes that has aged gracefully, and 35 years later, this lightly… Read more »

  • BMW R1200C custom

    BMW R1200C custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Back in 1997, BMW took a tilt at the Harley-Davidson market with the R1200C. It was big and relatively underpowered, with just 61bhp—but Teutonic engineering and smart suspension design made up for that. Robert Levinson, however, has transformed his R1200C into a completely different machine.… Read more »

  • BMW R75/5 custom

    BMW R75/5 custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Every now and then a bike pops up that completely flouts the established vernacular of custom building. This is one of them. It was built by Revival Cycles, a shop run by three committed motorcycle enthusiasts in Austin, Texas. Founder Alan Stulberg tells the story:… Read more »

  • Ducati 750 Imola replica

    Ducati 750 Imola replica

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Perhaps the most famous racing Ducati of all time is the 750 that took Englishman Paul Smart to victory in the 1972 Imola 200 race. And with a machine as iconic as that, you’re going to get people wanting to copy it. One such man… Read more »

  • German Motorcycle Authority

    German Motorcycle Authority

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    It’s an odd name for a custom motorcycle builder, and one I haven’t heard before. But the Cologne-based German Motorcycle Authority has created some interesting machines, including this Revtech-powered ‘Billy Bob’. It was one of the classier bikes to take home a trophy at the… Read more »

  • Untitled Motorcycles BMW R80

    Untitled Motorcycles BMW R80

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Untitled Motorcycles are three guys working out of a workshop in Camden, London, building “motorcycles for everyday use with great individual styling and quality mechanics.” They’re on a mission to ressurect old and unloved motorcycles—and in a way, recycle them into classics. Untitled started in… Read more »

  • Mansory Zapico

    Mansory Zapico

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    I was in two minds about posting this bike, and I’m sure you can guess why. But it’s making the news on the auto blogs—and allows us to appreciate our regular fare a little more. The Zapico is the first custom motorcycle from Mansory, a… Read more »

  • NSU Sportmax

    NSU Sportmax

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,

    If there was ever a piece of classic motorcycling sculpture, this is it. The unfaired NSU Sportmax was not a looker, but add the period ‘dustbin’ fairing and it’s transformed into a thing of beauty. This bike started life as a regular Max bought off… Read more »

  • 1973 BMW R60/5 Custom

    1973 BMW R60/5 Custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,

    BMW’s classic Boxer engine is one of those powerplants you either love or hate. It looks like no other, and invariably dominates the appearance of a bike. I have to admit I love the look of this motor, and so does Terry Whitehurst. He started… Read more »

  • JvB-MOTO SR500 D-Track

    JvB-MOTO SR500 D-Track

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Jens vom Brauck and Kedo, the German tuning and parts specialists, have taken an everyday Yamaha SR500 and gone back to the roots. The bike looks lean, mean and low—a mutant cross between a 60s desert racer and Kenny Robert’s flat track bike. It has… Read more »

  • BMW R100 Scrambler

    BMW R100 Scrambler

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,

    BMW’s R series is seriously challenging the Honda CB as the custom platform of choice; over the past few months, a remarkable number of stylish 70s BMW customs have been popping up in the Bike EXIF inbox. This one was built by Karles Vives of… Read more »

  • Neander motorcycle

    Neander motorcycle

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles

    Ever heard of Neander? Me neither, until Legend of The Motorcycle founder Jared Zaugg mentioned the German marque in a recent Bike EXIF Interview. This drop-dead gorgeous machine is a 1929 Neander P3 1, which surfaced at a Bonhams sale in the UK a couple… Read more »

  • BMW R45 cafe racer

    BMW R45 cafe racer

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    There’s something about the compact, muscular stance of 70s-vintage BMWs that makes them prime candidates for customization. This cafe racer comes from leading glass artist Francesco Pagnin of Treviso in Italy, who calls his motorcycle workshop ‘Franz Garage’. It’s based on a BMW R45, the… Read more »

  • 1986 HPN BMW Paris Dakar

    1986 HPN BMW Paris Dakar

  • Chris Hunter Racing Motorcycles ,

    Right now, the 2011 Dakar Rally racers are somewhere near Córdoba in Argentina. These days the motorcycle class is dominated by KTM, but in the 80s it was BMW all the way. The bike you’re looking at here is one of BMW’s three entries from… Read more »

  • Christian Klein’s Ducati 350

    Christian Klein’s Ducati 350

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Christian Klein is a skilled lathe operator and a craftsman engineer. He’s also a Ducati fan, and rides a red 900 GTS. In the cold German evenings, he drifts towards his workshop, inhabiting what he calls his ‘parallel world’. And it was in here, a… Read more »

  • BMW R69S

    BMW R69S

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    When this R69S rolled into the workshop of Tokyo resto-mod specialists Ritmo Sereno, it was a slightly gawky custom with mismatched curves and a shapeless silver tank. With their usual attention to detail, Ritmo reworked it into a beautiful cafe racer with more conventional BMW… Read more »

  • BMW R60/5 custom

    BMW R60/5 custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    I’ve always had a soft spot for 1970s BMWs, but I haven’t seen anything quite like this slash-five before. It’s owned by Frenchman Gaëtan Pillaud, and he calls it a ‘Clubber’—a mix between a clubman and a bobber. The bike started life as a 1973… Read more »

  • URS Racing Sidecar

    URS Racing Sidecar

  • Chris Hunter Racing Motorcycles ,,

    One of the greatest sidecar racers of all time was the German Helmut Fath. And this machine carried him to the sweetest victory of all. It’s called a URS, and it was sold by the Bonhams auction house last weekend for an extraordinary £102,700—a cool… Read more »

  • Wunderlich Curarê

    Wunderlich Curarê

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Wunderlich has always struck me as the motorcycling equivalent of Jägermeister: undoubtedly potent, but an acquired taste. And so it is with the German company’s latest creation, based on BMW’s S 1000 RR sportbike. It’s been built to celebrate Wunderlich’s 25th anniversary and in the… Read more »

  • LSL Clubman Kawasaki W800

    LSL Clubman Kawasaki W800

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Just two hours after Kawasaki took the wraps off its new W 800 at INTERMOT, German tuner LSL-Motorradtechnik revealed the bike that Kawasaki should have built in the first place. LSL boss Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler used to be a Kawasaki dealer, so he managed to get… Read more »

  • BMW R1200 custom

    BMW R1200 custom

  • Chris Hunter Custom Motorcycles ,,

    Most motorcycle marques can point to a single early model that set the tone for those that followed and established the brand. In BMW’s case it’s the R32. It was unveiled at the Berlin motor show in 1923, and it was a good fifty years… Read more »