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Show Stopper: Craig Rodsmith’s turbocharged Moto Guzzi

Show Stopper: Craig Rodsmith’s turbocharged Moto Guzzi

We’ve been covering the modern custom scene for eight years now, extending feelers into nearly every country in the world, from Andorra to Vietnam. But there are a few builders who have inexplicably slipped through the net—and one of the most renowned must be Craig Rodsmith. An Australian based in Illinois, USA, Craig has been…

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

Destination Austin: The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show


For one weekend in April, Austin, Texas is the home of motorcycling. The Grand Prix of The Americas features the fastest riders on earth, defying the laws of physics and showing off their Texas lean. But a few miles down the road, the cultural heart of two wheels beats on E 5th Street, at the…