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Dark Cannon: a custom Harley Softail Rocker C by Rough Crafts.

Rough Crafts’ Raked-Out Harley Softail Rocker

If there’s a trend in the custom movement, it’s that form and function are finally starting to play nice. Many builders are now balancing aesthetics with functional mods—and the results can be astounding. That said, we still have a soft spot for custom shops that sacrifice some practicality for the sake of building über-cool bikes.…

The AMD Championship-winning Harley Softail custom 'Brougham' by One Way Machine.

Brougham: A Cadillac-inspired Softail

In the Hollywood of the late 1950s, if your name was Clark or Frank and you wanted to make a splash, you bought a Cadillac Eldorado. And not just any Eldorado: it had to be the exclusive, hand-built Brougham. From the quad headlights to the outrageous tail fins, the Brougham just oozed style—and wealth, since…

Custom Harley Softail Springer

Custom Harley Softail Springer

These days, you can slot most custom bikes into a clearly defined genre. Café racer, bobber, tracker—a quick glance is usually all it takes. But occasionally a bike appears that defies categorization, like this Harley-Davidson Softail Springer from Indonesia. A modern American cruiser with vintage Brit iron looks? I’m not sure where that fits. It’s…