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Nico Mueller of Hookie Co.'s personal BMW R75/5

All About The Patina: Nico Mueller’s BMW R75/5


We love seeing custom builders’ personal rides. Most of these guys spend their days wrestling with the restrictions of commissioned work, so it’s intriguing to see their choices and decision-making when the brief is wide open. This BMW R75/5 belongs to Nico Mueller of Hookie Co. in Germany. It’s a mix of clever upgrades, discreet…

Digging this new CB750 cafe racer build from Hookie Co. of Germany.

Double Trouble: Two new CB750 builds From Hookie Co.


If there’s one bike that’s more prolific than the classic BMW boxer, it’s the Honda CB750. We’ve seen so many custom CBs we’re almost immune to their charms. But these two new builds from Hookie Co. have just jolted us from our slumber. Sure, they’re not the first CBs to sport Firestones and ditch their…

A laid-back Yamaha SR250 SE from Hookie Co.

Slowly Does It: Hookie’s laid-back Yamaha SR250 SE

Most people associate motorcycles with speed. But this pretty little SR250 SE from Hookie Co. is all about slowing down and enjoying life. With just 20 horsepower on tap, a mid-80s SR250 isn’t going to break any speed records. (Braking is via good old-fashioned drums.) But that’s just fine for Nico Mueller, the Dresden-based designer…

A dark, low-slung Honda CB750 customized by Hookie Co of Germany.

Playing Hookie: Nico Mueller’s killer CB750

It takes more than a run-of-the-mill Honda CB750 to get our attention these days, but this low-slung speziall from Germany is very special indeed. The stance is spot on, the lines flow with purpose, and the finish is stark and beautiful. It’s the sixth build from Dresden-based Hookie Co., the workshop run by 26-year-old designer…