The new Icon 1000 Collection
Huge Moto's retro-futuristic Honda CBR1000RR-based concept.

Going Huge: What it Takes to Design a Concept Bike

Last year, Huge Moto’s Honda CBR1000RR ‘cafe fighter’ conversion melted the EXIF servers. Bill Webb and his team focused on creating unique bolt-on parts—leaving the base motorcycle largely un-hacked. The San Francisco-based outfit is now tackling its most ambitious project yet: a complete, ground-up concept motorcycle, called MONO RACR.

Huge Moto will turn your CBR1000RR into a Tron-style café fighter

Channelling Tron: the ultimate café fighter kit

A few months ago, Bill Webb’s Honda CBR1000RR almost melted our servers. The ‘café fighter’ conversion became one of the most popular bikes we’ve ever shown. Bill’s an industrial designer by trade, and he hinted at a short production run of parts. That day has thankfully come, and the kit will soon be on sale.

Heavily customized CBR1000RR built by the San Francisco design agency Huge.

Turn your CBR1000rr into a “cafe fighter”

How much power is too much power? In the motorcycle world, it’s a question that will never be answered. But if you love customs and don’t mind changing your underwear after every ride, Bill Webb has the solution for you. His latest creation is the Stoc RR: a 178 hp Honda CBR1000rr turned into a…