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Fresh out the Macco Motors workshop in Spanish city of Málaga, Spain—a beautifully revamped Yamaha XSR700.

Gold Standard: An upgraded XSR700 from Macco Motors


Most conversations about the Yamaha XSR700 revolve around its aesthetics. Many pundits can’t get along with its looks—but will still admit there’s a damn fine motorcycle hiding underneath it all. The 689cc inline twin is smooth and punchy, and it’s light on its feet. Plus it responds really well to customization; we were originally raked…

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors'.

Spanish Style: Macco Motors’ Kawasaki W650


Building custom motorcycles sounds like a dream job, but it’s actually a pretty tough gig. You need a steady stream of work to keep the lights on—and not every project is a genre-bending custom paid for with a blank check. The trick is to keep the quality high, even when the budget isn’t. And that’s…

The Sinner: this Yamaha XJR1300 by Macco Motors is devilishly good.

The Sinner: A Devilishly Good XJR1300 by Macco

If you live in sunny Spain and fancy a custom Bonneville, you’d do well to give Macco Motors a call. The Málaga shop has become famous for its sublime Triumph builds. “Most people come to us to get a Hinckley twin in the Macco style,” Tito and Jose tell us. “But although we always have…

The Maltese Falcon: A Triumph Bonneville cafe racer with Ducati forks by Macco Motors.

Maltese Falcon: A Triumph Bonneville cafe racer

The Triumph Bonneville has got to be one of the most heavily customized bikes on the market today. In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a Bonneville on the street that hasn’t been tweaked in some way, whether it’s a discreet farkle or a full performance upgrade. This cafe racer from Spain’s Macco Motors…

Just For Kicks: Macco Motors’ XS400

Most custom builders don’t enjoy messing with electrics: they’ll install a lithium-ion battery to save weight and leave it at that. More adventurous workshops might…