Motorcycle helmets

  • The coolest women's motorcycle gear, chosen by leading moto journalist Alicia Elfving.

    Hot Picks: Women’s Motorcycle Gear

  • Full face helmets

    Full face helmets

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    If you ride a motorcycle, you’ll know there’s discord between full-face and open-face advocates. Proponents of full-face lids disavow anything that doesn’t provide complete protection, and often quote studies like the 1981 Hurt Report—which suggested that 34% of motorcycle accidents involve an impact in the… Read more »

  • Tachibana motorcycle helmets

    Tachibana motorcycle helmets

  • Chris Hunter Motorcycle Gear

    Here in Australia, it’s harder and harder to get hold of a vintage motorcycle helmet that complements a classic or custom motorcycle. Australia implements its own standards, an utterly pointless exercise given the accepted standards elsewhere. So when I see gear like these Japanese Tachibana… Read more »

  • Lagerfeld x Ruby helmets

    Lagerfeld x Ruby helmets

  • Chris Hunter Motorcycle Gear

    It had to happen. Karl Lagerfeld, the miniature maestro of haute couture, has turned his eye towards motorcycle fashion. He’s joined Parisian high-end helmet designer Les Ateliers Ruby to create a line of covered helmets with built-in iPods. (Lagerfeld reportedly owns several hundred iPods.) Top… Read more »

  • BMW System 6 Helmet

    BMW System 6 Helmet

  • Chris Hunter Motorcycle Gear

    The Gallic creations of Les Ateliers Ruby are tempting, but we also like the very Germanic BMW System 6 helmet. Due for launch early next year, it comes with a double visor system to prevent fogging, plus an integrated sun shield. With a heritage stretching… Read more »