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This Yamaha SR500 tracker by Pancake Customs of Holland is low key and beautifully detailed.

Hip To Be Square: A new angle on the Yamaha SR500


Critics are sure to dismiss this Yamaha SR500 for its lack of fenders, or its trials rubber. But to hell with them. For builder Boy Janssen it’s the perfect country road whip, and it’s crammed with lovely details. Boy lives in the Dutch countryside, wrenching in his home workshop as Pancake Customs. You may remember…

This custom Yamaha XT 600 was built to follow a Dutch rally team around Morocco.

Going Dutch: Boy Janssen’s XT 600 desert sled

Most custom bikes lead pretty easy lives. Even scramblers and dirt trackers are likely to spend more time on road than off. But this tough Yamaha XT 600 is the real deal—built to follow a rally team through North Africa. It belongs to Boy Janssen, who recently swapped the streets of Amsterdam for a quieter…